Is there a slow lane?

This week has been cray. I could probably say that about every week. We like to stay pretty busy. 

The beginning of the week I tried to clean everything in our house because my cousin was coming in from Oklahoma. I really need to start working on some sort of cleaning calendar so I don’t have to act like a psycho every time someone comes to stay with us. 

Wednesday I tried to run all my errands, and I have decided that I am the worst grocery shopper. I make a list and then when I get to the store I end up buying so many more things than I need. Plus, it’s hard to shop with a baby. 



Some grocery carts work and some are so small you can’t fit the carrier in! On a good note a man at Food Lion and a man at Trader Joes put my cart up for me. Apparently I looked like I was struggling. 

The end of the week was full of family festivities! We went to the lake to see my grandparents and hangout with my cousins. We went out on the boat for a few hours-Emmerson was such a good sport! Grandaddy cooked his famous steaks and party potatoes and I felt like I couldn’t move after that meal. Then I had to drive an hour home, by myself, in the dark, in a food coma. Not fun, but obviously I lived.



We ended up just going to the pool friday and saturday. Little bean is finally big enough to fit in the lady bug that was passed down from her cousins. She had the best time. [Big Poppy hanging in the background]


So somehow I made it through the weekend without getting a picture with my cousin, but we had such a good time. Just catching up, relaxing, and she got some good baby time. 

Now I have something else to look forward to. This Tuesday will be two years of blissful married life with my man. We are headed to the mountains for three days all alone! I could not be more excited!

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers while I leave little bean for three days!


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