Mountains Away!

Well, Nick has mountain fever. Excel Mobile Detailing might be relocating. Just Kidding (I hope). If you know me at all, you know I’m a beach babe at heart. I love to go see Nick’s family in Myrtle Beach any chance we get. So for our anniversary this year, we decided to change it up and hit the mountains. We have gone hiking on occasion and gone white water rafting, but we have never stayed over night. Nick found the cutest little cabin for us to stay in.


So here’s how it all went down. 


Since I was a little girl my dad has always liked to start our vacations as early as possible. We would always wake up around 5am with the car already packed the night before and head out. I obviously hated waking up that early when I was a kid, but now I always do that when we have a vacation. After we dropped Emme bear off with her GG we headed to Chick-fil-A for our traditional travel breakfast. While in the drive-thru we realized the car was smoking. The car that was completely packed and busting at the seams with all our stuff. So we had to go the opposite way of our destination to go back home and switch cars. Blah! What a stinky way to start vacation! Nick will not be deterred though, this is when he kicked into high gear and started singing about how great our trip would be and trying to cheer me up. It worked. 

P.S. Had we not stopped for breakfast we probably would have driven half way there without realizing what was happening, so I’m thanking the Lord for that. 

Fast forward 4 hours and we made it! Well almost. We stopped at the Nantahala Outdoor Center where we had lunch at the River’s End Restaurant and signed up for kayaking.


Not only was this lunch so delicious, but it had a perfect view of the rafters and kayakers floating by.


Since tuesday was our actual anniversary I wanted to get snazzy and go somewhere for dinner! We asked around and ended up at the Nantahala Resort Bistro. We were pretty much the only ones there which concerned me a little in the beginning, but I got over it pretty quick (I was starving). It turned out to be delicious, thank goodness!


^Snazzy, am I right?


Also, we are in love with the self timer on the camera. We might be weird, but who cares. 

When we got back we threw on our bathing suits, popped in the jacuzzi, and talked. We just talked and talked and talked about everything. Without interruption. It was what we needed. I personally believe that in order to be a good parent you have to be a good spouse first, but that’s a whole subject in itself. 

A miracle just happened at our house. Emmerson fell asleep before 9:30pm, I think I’m in heaven. I was going to finish recapping our vacation tonight, but I’ll leave you all with this and finish the update over the next few days. My bed is going to be surprised to see me so early tonight! 


5 thoughts on “Mountains Away!

    • I loved the cabin, Nick did a good job. It was pretty chilly, but I love that feeling in the mountains. Plus our cabin had a hot tub on the deck so it felt amazing at night. We even had breakfast in the hot tub one morning.

  1. My husband has been wanting to take me there. We went to Ellijay, GA back in June and it was awesome. I’m usually a beach girl too but there’s just something serene and closer-to-God feeling about the mountains!

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