Mountain Vacation. Part II

How is it that every weekend seems so busy? Thankfully I have gotten to slow down and get a good schedule for this week. I actually had time to clean today and you do not want to see all the dust and dog hair I swept up!

I never got to finish telling you all about the rest of our wonderful trip! I think I mentioned before that we signed up for kayaking on tuesday and we planned to go on wednesday afternoon.

On the lovely pamphlet we received about kayaking it promised waterfalls, scenic views, places to swim, and wildlife. So, instead of choosing the river kayaking, which is more adventurous and involves kayaking through the rapids, we chose the lake kayaking. We were in the mood for a relaxing day and thought waterfalls and wildlife sounded interesting. WRONG CHOICE!


I know we still look like we were having fun, and that’s because we did. We paid too much to be in a bad mood about the fact that the only wildlife we saw was a fish jump out of the water and the waterfall was almost completely hidden by trees and we couldn’t even get to the base of it. We probably would have had more fun if we had just rented the kayaks and went out on our own, but we didn’t know that was an option when we signed up. So we had a tour guide. I don’t think we ever even got his name, but he looked like Chuck Norris. Minus the muscles and add a curly mullet. He was a nice guy, but for about three hours we had to hear about which insects like to eat which trees. It was a pretty boring lecture.


The view was actually very pretty and it was definitely relaxing.

After our kayak trip was over we headed back up to our cabin. Along the road are all these gravel areas where you can pull off and walk down to the river. So we had adventure of our own for the day!


The waterfalls were amazing to look at. We kept trying to make ourselves get in water, but we just couldn’t do it. The water temperature was about 45 degrees and it was pretty chilly outside too.


When we got back Nick got the grill ready and started cooking burgers for us for dinner. I’m not exactly sure what ingredients he used to make them, but they were delicious!


And when the sun went down we made a fire and our own version of smores. They were like mini smores. So yummy!

fire smore

We had to use a pitch fork thing because we didn’t have anything else and mini marshmallows don’t fit on a stick very well. We bought Trader Joe’s organic chocolates and they were so thick and creamy. We also just used the mini marshmallows and half of the graham cracker, but we ate twice as many so it didn’t really matter that they were mini.

We spent the rest of the night chatting by the fire and drinking coffee.

Our check out was thursday afternoon so we got up early to do some hiking. Nick asked around about different trails and he found one that was only one mile from our cabin. Perfect! That one mile took us awhile though because it was wayyy up the mountain.


The other reason we picked this trail is because it was only about 1.5 miles each way and at the top of the trail was a fire tower!

Here’s a view from the top and the bottom.

IMG_4815 fire tower2

Climbing up there was a little terrifying. It took me forever to walk those stairs, I was walking like a granny! It was so worth it though, check out these views.


mountain view

This was pretty much the end of the trip, we went back to the cabin and cleaned up and headed home. We were going to stop in Asheville on the way home, but we missed our little bean too much. I mean how could you stay away when your family is sending you pictures like this.


I cannot wait to go up to Boone and Blowing Rock this fall with Emmerson and Ranger. I think Emmerson is going to love the outdoors like I did as a little girl. I may be grown up now, but I still like nature and bugs.


Now aren’t you glad I shared this centipede with you! 🙂


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