Emme’s Firsts

You know how they say there’s a first time for everything? Well, this week has been a lot of firsts around our house!

I have always been the type of person that loves change. I look forward to changes in church, work, and even at home. Something about a new challenge or figuring out how something new will work just gets me excited. Having said all that, being a parent has affected my view on change in a major way.

Every week during my pregnancy I would read all about what stage was supposed to come next and I would always (and still do) say things like “I can’t wait until…” Saying that statement was taking me right out of the moment I was in and making me wish for something that would be coming eventually anyway. [I have a serious patience issue, but I get it honest.]

This week Emmerson has changed so much! I am realizing that if I don’t cherish every little stage of her baby life it will be over before I know it. S

First of all, on Monday night this week E decided she was done sleeping on her back. Apparently she got bored staring at the ceiling. In one night she learned how to flip from her back to her stomach and scooted all around the crib trying to fall asleep and she eventually did.


On Tuesday we made the decision to start rice cereal with Emmerson. We did our research and found a good natural cereal that we felt good about. I know a lot of people wait unitl later to start cereal with their babies or they just go straight to feeding solids, but we felt like this was the right time for us. Plus we got to use these adorable spoons my cousin gave us.


Emmerson picked up on chewing really quickly and she acts so excited every time we go to feed her. We started off using about 2tbls of cereal mixed with 3tbls of breast milk, but that was way too much so we cut it in half last night and she almost finished all of it. E is very clear about when she is done eating so it makes it easier for us to not over feed her.


Doesn’t she look so happy to be eating? haha

On Thursday night we had dinner with my mom and sister. Because E did so well sitting in the little seat above I thought we should try the highchair at the restaurant.


She did so great sitting up, but she seemed to get bored pretty quickly. We have entered a whole new realm of meal times and I’m not sure I was ready for it.

She seemed to enjoy sitting up though, so we tried bath time a little different that night too.


Sorry for the blurriness here, but she is such a wiggle worm! I still had to hold her up in the bath, but I wanted to let her splash and play with her toys which she can’t do in her baby bath tub. She loved it! She has figured out that splashing is very fun and so is chewing on alligators! [We do not use the shampoo in the background on our daughter, that’s for our other, more hairy child.]

Friday night we went out again with my mom and sister to eat. (I do have a dad, but he was off at the race this week (don’t judge us, we’re not THAT redneck)) Once again the highchair situation worked out for us, but we were at dinner for longer so we had to keep E occupied. Lemon time!


She had a lemon for the first time about a month ago, but the reactions were much better this time around. She would have kept chewing on it, but she dropped it on the ground. I don’t know about y’all, but I am kind of against letting my child eat food off the floor. At least in public.

Lastly, Emmerson is starting to really recognize faces! I think she has been able to tell who people are for a few weeks but now she has feelings about people. For example, when she is around my sister she talks so much! She talks to Nick and I when we’re at home with her, but there is just something about her Aunt Chandler that makes her want to let it all out. Last night we were passing her around after dinner and when my mom got her she just went crazy! She was pretty much trying to eat her face.


Sorry mom I know that isn’t the most flattering picture of you, but E loves her GG.

Thank you for indulging me while I basically just show you cute pictures of our child. The moral of story here is cherish the moments! My goal is stop saying “I can’t wait until…” in regards to Emmerson. Have a great weekend everyone!!


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