Eye on the Prize

This past week and a half I have had zero motivation to work out or clean the house or eat healthy. This always seems to happen to me every few months. I just get sick of trying so hard and not seeing very many results. The thing is, I actually have been getting pretty good results. Since E was born and I was able to work out again I have lost about 13 pounds. I feel really good about that so I have no idea why I lost my motivation.

Usually I can get my motivation back by meeting my bff [Meg] at the Y for a workout. We will typically do one of the Les Mills classes like body attack or body pump. We were supposed to get up and go to the ab class this morning, but Emmerson had a weird night of sleep last night. I should have just made myself get up and go, but obviously I had no motivation.

Finally it hit me this afternoon that I need a better goal. I am definitely the kind of person that does not get things done unless I have a list to look at and a final goal to reach. And I need lots of accountability. That applies to all areas of my life!

So here are my overall fitness goals:

  • Lose 20lbs to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.
  • Be able to hold plank successfully for over a minute.
  • Get my arm muscles back [they were at their peak right before our wedding].
  • Also to be able to do regular push-ups again.^
  • Be able to do all the moves in body flow/increase my flexibility.
  • Start doing yoga.^
  • Get my legs to where they don’t touch. [Just bein’ real y’all]
  • Run a 5k in under 35min. [This might not seem fast to most of you, but my fastest 5k was 33 minutes so I want to beat that]
  • Train for a sprint triathlon/ run a half marathon.

I probably have more goals that I would like to eventually meet, but I think that’s everything for now. Meg and I have decided to look for a 5k to do together in October. I think races make it easier to have motivation because you have to reach your goal by a certain date. For everything else on my list I don’t really have a specific date in mind, and that last goal is definitely long term. Also, I am not as concerned with what the scale says as I am with feeling good about myself and being healthy.  [I’ll do another post soon about what I’ve been eating.]

After I wrote down my goals this afternoon I was trying to figure out how I could workout for the rest of the week. I have to take Emmerson with me if I go to the Y and then I have to plan my work outs around her eating schedule, which can get complicated sometimes. Especially if I’m trying to get to a class at the Y. Plus I have been working a few nights a week so I can’t work out in the evenings. So I have decided to try and fit my workouts in whenever I can and not stress out about it. Tonight I had to go into work to cover the dinner shift for a couple hours. On my way home I got the idea to just go for a run as soon as I got there! It worked perfect! I didn’t give myself a chance to relax or think of what else I could be doing. I just threw on my clothes and grabbed the dog and left.

I only ran 1.8miles. At first I was a little disappointed that the distance wasn’t longer, but at least I went.


Ranger was obviously very glad I went as well.

What are some of your fitness goals?

What keeps you motivated?


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