Busy Bees

I feel like I haven’t blogged in so long! Isn’t it weird that I have only been blogging for a few weeks now and already I miss it when it’s been awhile. So let me catch you up. I think the last time I blogged was last monday or tuesday and trust me plenty has happened since then!

Last time I talked about my fitness goals and while I haven’t been eating that great I have been running. I ran a total of 3 times last week.

Tuesday- 1.81 miles

Wednesday- 2.25 miles

Friday- 3.55miles

photo (25)

I increased mileage each time, but my speed didn’t really go up hardly at all. I take Ranger with me when I run and he gets distracted so easily (squirrel!). Also I had to stop and walk a lot, but I’ll get there!

Last week Nick and I went over to Ed Mckays, the used book store, because Nick wanted something new to read. He ended up with one book and I left with 4. I just finished reading a Kristin Hannah book and it was so good that I had to have more. i bought all of them. I just started Magic Hour  yesterday so we’ll see how it is.

photo (23)

Thursday Meg kept Emmerson so I could work. Meg hadn’t kept Emmerson since she was born and they were in need of some bonding time. Meg worked her baby magic and got Emme to take a nap on her chest. I was jealous, she never does that for me.

photo (24)

This is the picture I got while I was at work. It makes my heart so happy!

Friday, I met Steph and Meg for brunch at the cutest little place inside Reynolda Village. It was called Pane e Vino and it was delicious. I really wanted to try the pancakes or french toast, but I decided to be good and have this sandwich instead. Turkey sausage, eggs, and gruyere cheese, with fruit. I love when I can eat healthy and it still tastes yummy.

photo (26)

I also ended up having lunch like an hour after this with family, and ran errands at target, and went out for dinner. Friday was a little too busy!

Over the weekend Meg and I went to the grocery store together. Partly to help each other stay on track with healthy things and partly because it’s still hard for me to go by myself with E. I’m sure it’ll get easier one day, but for now it’s a good excuse to make Meg hang out with me. 🙂

photo (28)

These were all my goodies. We went to Trader Joe’s for almost everything. Their prices are fair, and everything is so fresh! Whatever we couldn’t find there we just got at Harris Teeter.

The night before we went to the grocery store I made a list of everything we had going on during the week and what meals we would be having. This helped tremendously! I was able to get what I needed without wondering what we would have for lunch or dinner, and it saved me money!

Sunday night when we got home I decided to go ahead and do a little prep for the week.

photo (31)

I made a cilantro, lime, avocado dressing and some quinoa.

Then monday night when we got home from labor day festivities I finished my prep. I wanted to wait until monday night for everything else because I knew we would be eating out on labor day.

photo (30)

I made salad in a jar for a couple days this week.





candied pecans

red onions

homemade dressing

I also made protein balls by combining a pinterest recipe and my mom’s recipe, but I forgot to take a picture.

Today I had one of the salads with my avocado chicken salad pita. My chicken pita was delicious, but my salad not so much. I was taking a huge risk making that dressing with cilantro because I hate cilantro, but I thought I could be mature and get over it. The recipe just sounded so yummy and it smelled so good while I was making it. Well I was wrong. The dressing was disgusting! Also I don’t think my jars were big enough. They were almost full after just putting in the toppings so I didn’t have enough room for the lettuce. I’m going to try again tomorrow with some different dressing and maybe less toppings.

Now I’m off to do laundry/ dishes/ everything else in the house before Emmerson wakes up from her nap.

Oh and here’s this just cause it’s cute.

photo (27)


2 thoughts on “Busy Bees

  1. I’ve been wanting to try the salad’s in a jar. I love that you are blogging it makes me happy. I am trying to catch up on all your posts. Hooray for eating clean. It def takes discipline

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