Playing Catch Up.

I kind of forgot about my regular updates this week because of Blogtember, but don’t worry guys I’m here to tell you about all the wonderful things I did this week. Because I know how much you care what I had for lunch 3 days ago. 😉

As far as work outs go this week i did ok. We have a new group that has started running downtown and you have the option of 1, 3, or 5 mile loops. My mom, Chandler, Meg and I did the 3mile loop and it was so hilly! Meg and I ended up walking for most of it which was actually pretty relaxing, plus we obviously had tons to talk about.

So here’s what I did:

Tuesday- 3.04miles



On saturday I was excited because I was making good time and I was trying a new loop around our house. Until I tripped. One thing you should know about me is that i am extremely clumsy. I trip walking up and down stairs, i trip on my own feet, i slip on stuff. It’s pretty bad, I blame it on having ape limbs. (Emmerson doesn’t have much hope in this area. Sorry babe.) Anyway, I was running down the sidewalk of a busy road right by the hospital and my foot caught part of the concrete. I stumbled several times (it was actually a miracle I didn’t just face plant) and twisted my ankle. I then had to walk a mile back to the house. Needless to say I was not a happy camper. I’m pretty sure someone had to have seen it happen, but did anyone ask if I needed help? NO! Stinkin’ pedestrians!

photo (35)

I sat like this for awhile until Chandler came over and took us back to my parents house. I needed someone to entertain E while I iced my foot. I’m hoping for full recovery before running group again tuesday night.

Besides working out I met Meg for breakfast at Camino Bakery friday morning. It was already one of my favorite places to get coffee, but after the nutella croissant I had I will be going back for breakfast a lot more often. <The reason I have to workout so much.

photo (33)photo (32)

Other than coffee and pastries they have fresh bread, cakes, pies, cookies, vegetarian sandwiches, and tons of other fun drinks. Their molasses ginger cookie is amazing!!

Friday was once again a busy day. After going out for breakfast I ended up meeting my mom and aunt (a.k.a. Ninner) for lunch at Chick-fil-a. I’m pretty sure I ate at CFA everyday except monday last week. It never gets old. We also went out to eat with my dad’s side of the family for dinner.


If you want good BBQ Bib’s is so delicious. Plus they have a guy that plays music on the weekends. Since we were downtown we decided to walk from Bib’s back to Camino.


Look how long Emmerson’s arms are! I told y’all!^


I think my family is pretty cute.^

Even though I wanted to eat like 4 slices of cheesecake at Camino I was good and just got an Americano.

Hopefully next week I will do better at keeping up throughout the week in addition to Blogtember. We shall see. I’m feeling some inspiring posts coming your way so just prepare yourself people.

Hope everyone has a happy week!


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