Blogtember episode:5

Monday, September 9: Take this short personality test and respond to your results.

I forgot was too busy watching Grey’s Anatomy to do this yesterday so here goes.

I didn’t really feel like my results were very accurate in some ways. I almost retook the test because I wasn’t happy with some of the things that it said. I then realized it was probably right about me and I have some things to work on.


These are some of the character traits it said I have:


  • Generally enthusiastic, upbeat and friendly
  • Stable and dependable, they can be counted on to promote security for their families
  • Put forth a lot of effort to fulfill their duties and obligations
  • Responsible about taking care of day-to-day practical concerns around the house
  • Take their commitments very seriously, and seek lifelong relationships


  • Tendency to believe that they are always right
  • Tendency to need to always be in charge
  • Impatient with inefficiency and sloppiness
  • Not naturally in tune with what others are feeling
  • May inadvertantly hurt others with insensitive language
  • Generally uncomfortable with change, and moving into new territories


I agree with all the weaknesses it says, but I had a hard time with the strengths. I feel like I have some growing to do, and I want to hold myself accountable.



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