Blogtember episode:8

Thursday, September 12: Discuss ways that blogging or social media has changed you.

I haven’t been blogging for very long so I don’t think I can say that blogging has changed me in any way. YET.

Is texting considered social media? I don’t know whether texting falls into this category or not, but I will talk about it anyway. My husband will tell you that I do not do anything without my phone. I am usually carrying on a conversation with at least one person at a time. I really just LOVE being able to text people.

I’m able to keep up with my best friends everyday even though we can’t see each other as much since Emmerson was born. I also love that I can send pictures and videos to family that doesn’t live nearby and they can keep up with what E is doing. (which is usually something different everyday)

Other than texting I think my favorite social media outlet is instagram. I’m kind of starting to hate facebook. It’s becoming all ads or people whining about weather or the president or just whatever. Anyway instragram is so much fun. It connects you with people from all over that take similar pictures or have similar interests. It also helps me document whats been going on in our lives. Like I said before I always have my phone so it’s easy to capture moments with Emmerson!

I didn’t put any pictures in this post so you can go to my instagram and be my friend there! @mrsjordan


3 thoughts on “Blogtember episode:8

  1. I really enjoyed your post. I love blogging (and Facebook, a bit too much I believe). Social media is sometimes the only way for me to connect with friends who went abroad (and soon I’m going to one of the expats as well). Also social media has brought me to meet lovely people from around the world, some of them I’m meeting on a regular basis every few months. 🙂 xx Olivia

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