Emme’s week

I try not to only talk about Emmerson on this here blog, but I can’t help it. For one thing she’s cute and for another thing she’s just really cute. So sorry, not sorry. 🙂

This girl learned how to sit up by herself this week. I have been all worried about it because she has six month pictures coming up and I wanted her to be able to sit up for them. I’m proud of her for figuring out how to do it, but now I have no idea what to do with her. She’s becoming harder to entertain and I can’t just lay her on the bed when I need to go do something. She rolls all around and scoots . I am SO not ready for crawling!

photo (39)

^This is what I had to do the other day so I could keep my eye on her, but also let her practice her sitting up. Apparently leaning against the side was more fun though. This little smile makes my heart happy.

I know she is smiling here and you’re thinking, “wow their child is perfect. she never cries and is always in such a great mood.” Wrongo! This week she has been a major sassy pants. After eliminating ear infection we figured it was just teething. As annoying as it is I have to remember that she is in pain and she doesn’t know what to do about it. Teething tablets have saved us this week! The worst part was that she went from sleeping through the night for the last few months to waking up at least once a night. I’ve had to nurse her or rock her back to sleep every night which actually hasn’t been that bad. E isn’t much of a cuddler so I’ll take any chance I can get. All of this became worth it when her tooth finally came in yesterday! Yay! Her first tooth is tiny and you can barely see it, but it is there and it is sharp!

Friday night we went to my grandparents house for dinner. It’s always so much fun to get together with family especially when Mimi is cooking. She made a delicious meat loaf with veggies from their garden and a pumpkin loaf and apple crisp for dessert. Everything was good, but the apple crisp was mouth watering. I would say I need that recipe, but that would be bad news for the whole weight loss situation. I didn’t eat any of the pumpkin loaf at dinner, but I took some home and had it for breakfast the next day. It was perfect with a cup of coffee!

photo (40)

This is Emme’s cousin Bella. Emmerson loves watching everything that Bella does and Bella loves entertaining her!

photo (41)

We all enjoyed playing with this little guy. I have always liked bugs for some reason and seriously praying mantises are so cool.

I also did a little shopping this week. I took my own advice and got a new bra. It was way past time and I love it. I also went by Bath and Body Works. That store is hard to leave empty handed. Plus they had some sales going on.

photo (43)

Their candles smell heavenly. I’m currently sitting here sniffing the cinnamon pumpkin one. It makes me feel so cozy.

Lastly, I have to give my husband a shout out. He has been so busy these last few weeks and there is no sign of business slowing down. We are so blessed by that. He took time out of his busy schedule this week to find us an awesome desk for our sun room.

photo (42)

Nick waxed the top part and it looks awesome. He also stopped by our new favorite place, Home Depot, and got those little plants. I love the desk and he bought it for only $20! Perfect for our room and budget.

I hope everyone has an amazing rest of their weekend!


2 thoughts on “Emme’s week

  1. First off your daughter is so cute! I love the purple bow in hair! 🙂 Second, apple crisp and pumpkin loaf sound so yummy! I need to look into some fall recipes ASAP! And third… I totally stocked up on bath and body works this week as well! The sweet cinnamon pumpkin candle smell is filling my home!!

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