Blogtember episode:10

Monday, September 16: Write a public love letter to someone in your life. (It doesn’t necessarily need to be romantic.)

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Dear Dad,

I wanted to write this to let you know how much I love you. You have been such an amazing role model for Chandler and me. Seeing you so happy and fulfilled in your life makes me never want to stop learning or searching for my calling. Being around you makes me a better person. You have given me so much advice over the years. Advice that has made me a better woman, wife, and mother.


Growing up you treated mom with respect and loved her no matter what. Being in that type of home helped me choose a husband that treats me the same way. 


Thank you for spending time with me and Chandler when we were little. Thank you for working so hard so we would never want for anything. Thank you for teaching me life lessons. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for being funny. Thank you for taking us on vacation. Thank you for being such an amazing dad. I’m so happy Emmerson has you as her “Big Poppy.”

I love you,



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