A few weeks ago I said that one of my fitness goals was to start going to yoga. I have done body flow at the Y before. It’s a combination of tai chi, yoga, and Pilates. It feels pretty relaxing while you’re doing it, but I end up sore every time. It’s so good for the core. I love that class, but sometimes the tai chi is a little flowy for me. Besides I knew that yoga would probably give me more of an overall work out.


So I tried yoga for the first time last night. I ran a mile on the treadmill first which was tortuous. I was stuck watching a man try to show off on the machines in front of me AND running on the treadmill doesn’t give you the same satisfaction as running outside. At least outside I can figure out how many blocks back to my house.

Any who who when I got into yoga the only other girl in there looked like she probably had less experience than I did and that is saying a lot. I was hoping the instructor would come around and ask if we had all done it before, but she did not. She was too worried about dancing to Carrie Underwood on the stage. Yes, it was weird. As more people came in that obviously knew what they were doing I asked one of them to help me get the rest of the materials. Apparently I chose the right girl because when we got back to our mats she started doing head stands. Like going from the seated position and hoisting herself into a head stand. It was pretty impressive.

When we finally started the instructor did ask if it was anyones first time, but she did not give me any advice on how to do the class. She was like “welcome.” How am I supposed to know if I should do this or run away now?! The girl in front of me is doing head stands!?!

I decided to stick it out. Mostly because at that point it would have been more awkward to leave.


^True story. Eating mexican for lunch was a bad idea.

The class went by extremely quickly. I could do most of the moves which I was really pumped about! I had to do the modified version of a few things, but I looked around and a lot of other people were too. I ended up really liking the instructor by the end and I mentally forgave her for dancing before class.

I will definitely be going back! I don’t really feel sore today. I think that’s because I was really focused on doing the right thing that I couldn’t focus on tightening my core while doing the moves.

The last 10 minutes of the class is the meditation period. I might have fallen fell asleep for a couple minutes.

Yoga was honestly a great way to end my day yesterday. I went to Charlotte with a friend and even though she drove I was so sleepy! Something about riding in the car just makes me tired. When we got back I just threw Emmerson into our car and left to go run more errands. I was driving all over the plant because the stinkin’ pharmacy messed up my prescription. I was on the phone with so many people trying to figure out that situation and I was not happy.

I turned up the music in the van (Emme and I really like to jam) and a Bethel worship song came on. Ya know the one-“deep cries out to deep cries out to You.” I just decided not be crabby patty anymore.  The combo of listening to the Bethel cd a couple times through and yoga put me in a great mood and helped my night be so relaxing.

I hope all of you have had a great start to your week as well!


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