Six Months

Last night Nick and I decided to head down to the lake since he didn’t have to work today. The weather is calling for thunderstorms but we are just happy to be out of town for a couple of days. We left pretty late last night and messed up Emmerson’s sleep schedule. She didn’t fall asleep last night until after midnight and then she woke up just as early this morning. Despite her lack of sleep she has been in the best mood! Maybe she knows it’s her 6 month birthday!!! <back to that momentarily.

Last night was the first night in Emmerson’s little life that she has slept with us. (I forgot to grab the pack n play in the rush of packing) I would just like to say how proud I am of that. Babies do not need to sleep with their parents. They will learn to sleep where ever you put them and they will sleep much better if they can sleep alone. I know for us it would have put a huge strain on our relationship to let E sleep with us. Plus last night I could hardly sleep with Emmerson in bed with us. I was so nervous about her rolling around or pulling something over her face. If I had to do that every night I would be in such a bad mood all the time from lack of sleep and Nick would be the one suffering from that. Not ok!

So today Emmerson is six months old. Please hold while I bombard you with pictures.


^Our friend Elise took some great maternity pictures for us. This was about 2 weeks before E was born.


^Yes I was huge, I think this was at 39 weeks.


^In the hospital. She was only 1day old. Check out all that hair!


^Right when we got home from the hospital!


^One month old on her great granddaddy’s birthday. She used to always sleep with her arms in the air.


^Two months old. Already smiling!


^This was close to 2 months also. It was her first time in church.

photo (45)

^Three months old. We were leaving for our first family trip to the beach that day.

photo (46)

^4 months old and her first time riding in the stroller like a big girl!

photo (47)

^5 months old. She was becoming so alert and was starting to watch Ranger.


In a couple weeks are getting family pictures made so I will have some professional pictures of E. In the last 6 months I have learned so much about myself and Nick. We have grown closer together in this journey of figuring out how to be parents.

Emmerson is such a happy baby. She loves hanging out with family and being out and about. She gets bored if she has to stay at home with me for too long. She is ticklish on her back, neck, feet, pretty much everywhere. She LOVES being outside. She has recently learned to sit up and likes playing her little cell phone and anything that crinkles. She now eats rice cereal and we have experimented with avocado. She has two little teeth on the bottom and has lost almost all of her hair.

We just love her so much we don’t even know what to do with ourselves. Every time I see her smile it makes my heart just melt.

Happy first day of fall and have a great saturday!



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