Lake Weekend

Our weekend at the lake was just what we needed to recuperate! Nick’s brother Rocky met us there to hang out too so that added to the fun! Saturday when we woke up I couldn’t get the coffee pot to work. There was probably a simple solution to the problem, but because Emmerson slept with us I hardly got any sleep. Plus I obviously hadn’t had my coffee yet so I was a little delirious. The only logical solution was for me to run to starbucks. Nick wanted a pumpkin spice latte which I had sworn off this year, but it was so stinkin’ delicious! I hate to say it, but I am definitely back on the PSL band wagon. After relaxing for a little while we decided to have a little photo shoot with E to celebrate her 6months of life.



^These were the results!

It started to rain so we had to head back inside. Unfortunately we had locked ourselves out of the house. We tried to pick the lock which was a fail, luckily I had left my purse and the car keys in the car. So we left to grab a couple tools and have lunch.

We stopped at this cute little place on the way.

photo (51)


I didn’t really think it would be anything exciting, but I was certainly proved wrong.

photo (49) photo (54) photo (52)

There was SO much stuff everywhere! Rocky ended up with some awesome cameras and here’s what we ended up with.



I loved these measuring cups as soon as I saw them. The best part- they were $4!! The 1/3 cup had a broken handle, but you couldn’t even tell! Nick loves the beatles so we had to get this poster and I grabbed that mason jar as well. You can never have too many mason jars.

The rest of saturday was nice and relaxing. We went out for dinner and hung out and watched tv for the rest of the night.

Sunday we headed to church with Rocky in Huntersville and then grabbed brunch after at the cutest little place- Cafe 100. I failed to take any pictures of the restaurant itself, but this is what I ate.

photo (50)

They had an extensive breakfast menu that we all ordered from. They had lunch options too, but I was afraid I would find something that I wanted more than the crab cakes benedict that I ordered.^ Nick got chocolate chip pancakes that were perfect, and Rocky got an omelet. If you are ever in Huntersville, NC eat there!

When we got back to the lake house the guys headed out for a jetski ride and E and I relaxed at the house. We ordered pizza from Brooklyn Boys. They have the best NY style pizza; we eat there every time we go to the lake. After dinner I decided to go on a jetski ride myself.

photo (53)The plus side was that I got this amazing picture of the sunset. The down side was that I got pulled over by the boat police (i have no idea if thats what they’re really called) for being out past sunset. It wasn’t really dark at all, but apparently I was out 20minutes past the technical sunset time. I just have to take a boat safety course so thats not too bad.

While I was out jetskiing Nick and Rocky had a little photo shoot with Emmerson.



These were two of my favorites!

Overall the weekend was so relaxing and fun. It’s amazing to get away from normal life for just a couple days. Happy wednesday everyone!



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