Pumpkins on Pumpkins on Pumpkins

So as I mentioned in my last post we had such a fun weekend. Where I left you last was friday night preparing for an awesome brunch on saturday. Saturday morning I got up and finished cleaning and setting up everything for brunch. I got these flowers and another bunch from Trader Joe’s and they […]

Whiskers and Burgers

This past weekend was full of fun and food and pumpkins! Nick’s brother Rocky was in town…I feel like half of my blog posts recently have said this. I guess he just can’t stay away. So let’s do a little weekend recap shall we? Friday morning I got up bright and early and met by […]

Weekly Wishes: 2

  Let’s start this monday with a recap of last weeks goals and how they went! My first goal last week was to drink more water! I did ok with this one. I definitely drank more water, but I don’t think I got up to 10 glasses a day yet. I know what I really […]

Friday’s Letters

Dear Baby Einstein, Thank you for being sooo entertaining to Emmerson. You have helped me get a lot done around the house while Emmerson watched you. Also your classical music is great background noise. Dear Iphone 5, Why did you break on wednesday? I’ve dropped you a million times and you’ve been fine. I’m sorry I put […]

Happy News

                      I hope this picture brings your thursday a little laugh! Apparently she was having a booger situation because she kept making this face and then trying to blow out of her nose. I’m amazed that I was actually able to capture this moment haha. […]

Weekly Wishes: 1

Welcome to the first edition of Weekly Wishes. Hopefully doing this will help me stay accountable and reach my goals! Thanks for coming by. 🙂 1. Drink more water! I love soda and tea way too much and I have a hard saying no them and drinking water instead. I know how good water is […]