I need a nap.

Last week I did not stop at all. I think I went to Target 4 days this week and I went to the mall at least 3 times. This was all in search of outfits for family pictures. Why is that so hard? We want to be matching with out being too matchy matchy! The struggle is real y’all. (i don’t know where that statement came from, but I like it) The result of being out every single day last week was no cleaning/ blogging/cooking/ or any other wifely duties got done. It also makes for an exhausted mama over here. It really wore me out, but Emmerson loved it. She loves being out and about and was in such a good mood this week! And that makes me happy, happy, happy.

I also signed up for the starbucks card thing this week. I find that I go to starbucks at least 2 times a week so why not get some rewards for it. I decided to give myself $20 and that’s all I’m allowed to use. I just loaded that onto my phone so when I go into the store I just scan my phone and that’s how I pay. Am I the only one that is still really weirded out by technology? It freaks me out that I just put money on my phone and the starbucks scanner knows that and takes it away. Freaky.

So here’s what we were up to!

Thursday I had lunch with my friend Maralyn and her cutie!

photo (55)

Emmerson could not stop looking at his bottle! She was jealous!

Then I headed to get my hair cut.

photo (58)

I decided to get bangs again after saying I was over them a few years ago. Hopefully I’m not the only one who feels the need to take a picture right after getting a hair cut!

photo (56)

This was Emmerson in the parking lot later thursday. I bought these leggings for her and I love them! I think she loves them too! This picture also shows how much of a wiggle worm she is now!

Friday my mom and I went shopping! Friday is always so much fun. Usually we have a ladies lunch and shopping is almost always involved. My mom has fridays off so it’s perfect.

photo (59)

I tried this on, but didn’t get it. I just loved it so much I took a picture! I need to take some pictures of the outfits we ended up wearing.

Saturday my cousin Grace was spending the night with us. I picked her up in the morning and we went to the mall and Target. Ya know my regular stomping ground. Chandler also met us and we checked out a new little bakery that opened up in our area.


I had my first macaroon! The orange one was pumpkin spice and it was so good. The texture was really different than anything I’ve ever had, but I enjoyed it. The pumpkin spice cupcake was also delish! The only problem that I foresee is that this little bakery is less than a mile from our house.

As usual we had lunch with the family after church on Sunday.

photo (60)

My granddaddy, sister Chandler, and Nick and I!

Guess what we did after lunch?! Yup, that’s right, we went to the mall! Nick got everything he needed to wear for the pictures and I ended up getting a different cute dress! H&M is the bomb y’all.

After chilling at home for a little while we drove to the coffee place that is beside the new bakery. Apparently it has been there for awhile, but we never saw it.  What this means is that there is an awesome coffee shop less than a mile from our house. E and I will probably be making some morning walks down there.

photo (57)

At the coffee shop Nick did a little work on the computer while Emmerson and I just relaxed. I was being extremely indecisive while we were ordering so the guy working suggested this bad boy.

photo (62)

It was basically peanut butter heaven. Espresso, peanut butter, mocha, homemade whipped cream. Need I say more!?

Our family pictures were yesterday and I am so excited to see how they turn out! I guess we are all just going to have to be patient. And I say we all because I know you guys are just as excited as me!

I hope everyone has a happy wednesday tomorrow!



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