Pack it on!

This week on tuesday Emmerson had her 6 month check up! I always look forward to her doctors visits because I can’t wait to see how much she has grown. I also love our doctor! She is very informative and so good with Emmerson.

We actually happened to go to the doctor when she was around 5 months to have her look at a rash that I couldn’t get to go away. At that visit E was exactly 12lbs which is pretty small for a 6month old. The doctor wasn’t concerned about it and said it was probably because of how active she was. Not long after that visit we started solids. We began with organic rice cereal twice a day and started adding some fruits and veggies about 2 weeks ago. She did really well with both the cereal and the fruits and veggies. With the addition of solids into her diet I was really anxious to see how much weight she had gained! I was hoping for at least an extra pound added on.

The weight check is the first thing they do once you get into the room. I stripped her down to a clean diaper and then we weighed her. 11lb 15oz. I started to freak out a little bit on the inside. Not only had she not gained any weight, but she had actually lost a little! It’s such a scary feeling because your mind immediately goes to the worst case scenario. Once our doctor came in she asked me tons of questions about Emmerson’s eating habits and we came up with a plan!

Pause that story and lets jump to another subject really quick. About a month and a half ago Emmerson went from sleeping through the night like a champ to waking up at least twice a night. Part of me thought it was probably just pay back for bragging about what a great sleeper she was, but we figured out it was teething. So the sleeplessness continued for a few weeks and then finally two little teethies popped through. I was so excited! I thought finally I will sleep again. “Wrongo Bongo” (as Nick says). She kept waking up night after night. I even tried feeding her right before bed and that didn’t seem to help.

OK, jump back to the doctors office. I told our doctor how poorly Emmerson was sleeping. She explained that even though she was eating every two hours during the day she still wasn’t getting enough calories. What we have decided to do is feed E 1/4cup of rice cereal twice a day. That is in addition to me breastfeeding still! AND give her a little bit of fruits at one of those feedings and a little bit of veggies at the other.

I started on tuesday after the appointment and Emmerson couldn’t finish all that cereal at one sitting. I’ve decided to do about 1/8cup four times a day instead. I think it will be easier for her to adjust if it’s smaller amounts at a time. Even after only having the extra cereal for two days Emmerson has slept through the night both nights! Hallelujah! It has been so amazing y’all and I am just praying that it continues!

The doctor is having us come back in a month to check her weight again. We are just believing that Emmerson will gain weight appropriately and be getting all the nutrition she needs! Now to reward you for reading my really long post here’s some cute pictures.

photo (64) photo (65)

I broke out the pack-n-play today since she loves sitting up to play. She was so content in there for so long and she loved the sound that mesh siding made.

photo (67)

And here’s Ranger, because he doesn’t get enough attention on here. Nick was practicing his “catch” command.


4 thoughts on “Pack it on!

  1. That blog was not near long enough, and with rewards like that I could read all day long! Cutest baby in the world! I’m pretty sure your public wants more and longer blogs and more puctures!

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