Falling for you

I’m giving into the peer pressure and posting about my love for fall. Summer is by far my favorite season, but fall holds so many traditions.
Everyone else keeps raving about pumpkin everything. I’m not a huge pumpkin person. I’ve had one pumpkin spice latte this year and I’ll probably have a couple more. But I am an apple girl to the core. < I know I’m hilarious…right? I love apple pie and a Carmel Apple spice is one of my favorite fall drinks! Anyway here’s what I love about fall..

  • Trips to the mountains: We always try to pick the perfect weekend when most of the leaves are still on the trees, but they all beautiful colors. It’s so amazing driving up the winding roads and seeing bright orange, yellow, and red trees. The mountains are always a few degrees cooler too so walking around the little mountain towns is awesome in the crisp air.
  • The fair: I LOVE the fair, like really love it. Now that I am an adult I don’t really ride the rides except for one. The himalaya. It’s kind of hard to describe so here’s a picture. It goes in a circle really fast and makes you sit on the lap of whoever is next to you. So fun! I could go on and on about the fair, but it will be here next week so i’ll give you an update after we go!
  • himalayaOutdoor events: Pumpkin patches, festivals, and corn mazes! Pretty much anything that involves being outside in the awesome fall air. Oh, and eating good food!
  • Clothing: Fall fashion is the best. Leggings with sweaters come back around, hoodies, boots, and vests!


I could probably come up with more if i really thought about it, but I need to go to sleep! We are heading to the Apple Festival tomorrow and I can’t wait. I’ll be sure to tell you all about it. Happy weekend everyone!



3 thoughts on “Falling for you

  1. I looked all over for you and Nick and Baby Emmerson, but I failed to find you among the 400,000 people thronging the thoroughfares in North Wilkesboro! Funny, huh? Anyway, perhaps tomorrow.
    Love you, Mimi

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