The fair!

Yay! I’m finally having a chance to sit down and tell you all about how awesome the fair was! This was probably one of the best times that we have gone. The weather was perfect!! We love to go the fair when it really feels like fall outside and boy did we pick the right day. We were comfortable with a light jacket and we had Emmerson bundled up just right. We chose to go on wednesday because you could get in with five cans of food! That was a great deal for us because we would rather spend our money on over priced fried food.

After we got through the gate we decided to go pick up a schedule so we could catch any events that might be going on. I had heard rumor of elephants at the fair this year and I really wanted to check that out. The bluegrass singers were first on the list. Our fair has this little old timey village where they show blacksmiths working, antiques, a wood carving guy, a man doing pottery, and a bluegrass band. It was the perfect thing to jumpstart our fair adventures.

Right outside of the little village was this amish donut stand. This was the first time I have ever seem them there. The smell that was coming out of that tent was like Krispie Kreme times 1000. It was amazing! One person in our group got one and I took a bite. It was similar to a Krispie Kreme, but a little more cake like and a little more crispy. Ya know what I mean?!

photo (72)

Pretty soon after the blue grass festivities we went on the hunt for the caricature guy. I have been wanting to get a caricature for so long, but every time we decide not to do it for one reason or another. Finally we did it and I am pleased with how it turned out. It cracks me up every time I look at it.

photo (68)

I don’t know about y’all, but when I go to the fair the main things I am interested in are the animals and the fried sweets. So I don’t usually get a big meal while we are there. We tried to find a good deal and I think we did pretty well. I got a cheese burger, fries, and a drink and Nick got 2 hotdogs, fries, and a drink and it was only $9.50. And our money went to support the police department. Fine with me! Fair cheese burgers definitely aren’t anything to write home about so I didn’t bother to take a picture.

My parents were meeting us at the fair and once they got there we headed towards the elephant show. Apparently we were too late though because people were crowded around everywhere. I saw the elephant steal something out of a woman’s pocket and it drank some kool-aid, but I had a horrible view. Oh well, maybe next year. On that note we headed to see the rest of the animals. The poultry area was first. Every year I go in there and every year I walk pretty quickly to get out. It smells terrible in there and there’s feathers and bird poop everywhere. That being said, I’m sure I’ll go look at the birds again next year. We went to see the sheep next, but it was closed off so we could see them, but not get close. Bummer. Then we went to the petting zoo area and we couldn’t pet the goats!! That is seriously one of my favorite things. Goats are hilarious and cute and I want to pet them and let them eat carrots out of my hand. Apparently NC has new laws about petting animals or something. I don’t know what the deal is, but I’m not happy about it. I did snap this picture of the cows as we went through there.

photo (74)

I like to see the cows, but they don’t really do anything interesting.

As far as sweets go, we tried just about everything. We got a funnel cake, cotton candy, fried oreos, and fried pumpkin pie. There is probably something else that I am forgetting! Nick’s brother Rocky got the fried reese cups instead of fried oreos and he said those were really good too. Oh yea, we also got a rootbeer float!

photo (70)

I got the fried oreos first and they were so delicious. I almost wish we could have gone back to the fair again just so I could have more.

photo (69)

Nick got this funnel cake later in the evening and he was kind enough to share with Rocky and I. It was so fresh, and the perfect mixture of soft and crunchy.

I got the fried pumpkin pie last, but I totally forgot to take a picture. I liked it, but I wouldn’t get it again. The inside was too mushy for me, but the bites that had a lot of the crust were yummy.

Emmerson did really great the entire day.

photo (73)

I carried her for the beginning of day and that actually went really well. She did kind of try to escape from the carrier though. She’s not much for being strapped to things. (yes she is saving that food on her face for later)

photo (71)

She rode around in her stroller for the rest of the day. We did kind of go back and forth on carrying her some still, but I love having a stroller. For one thing it lets her have time without being held which I think is really important. Secondly, I like having somewhere to put all of our stuff. and lastly, if we are at events like the fair and Emmerson needs to nap I can just lay her down in there with the seat completely reclined!

I forgot my camera so all of those pictures were just from my phone. I couldn’t get a good picture of the rides all lit up, but I love that view once the sun goes down. We walked through the rides area, but didn’t ride anything. I couldn’t even get anyone to ride the himalaya with me. I know, it’s really sad. boo hoo. There’s always next year!

We had so much fun! It made me feel like fall is really here now. I know it’s been around for awhile, but now I really want pumpkins and mums on my porch! Well, hopefully it won’t be over a week until I post next time. I miss y’all too much to do that again. 🙂 Have a great start to your week everyone!



2 thoughts on “The fair!

  1. Taylor, the reason you cannot pet the animals is due to an incident where many children got sick and they pinpointed they had all been at the fair in the petting zoo. It was in eastern N.C. last year. Y’all did eat some disgusting food! Loved the caricature.

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