First Time Friday


This week I have decided to start linking up with The Sweet Season Blog for Friday’s Letters. Here ya are folks.

Dear Kitty Cat, Thanks for stopping by and entertaining us. Ranger hates you and will probably try to attack you again, but please come back. Emmerson will pet you again and I will let you rub against my leg. P.S. we named you orangey.

photo (80)

Dear Starbucks, Your questions of the day are always so awesome. It makes my brain think when I’ve been talking baby talk and making animal noises all day. Also, I love your iced carmel macchiato. It is the perfect blend of sweet and coffee. (I never found out the answer to this question)

photo (78)photo (79)

Dear Trader Joe’s, I wish I was a little more hippy so I could shop at your store more often, but I’m not quite there yet. I do love all of your treats though. These power berries are such a great mixture of chocolate and sweet berry. They are the perfect snack for when I’m running errands.

photo (81)

Dear Emmerson, Thanks for being a great baby even when I torture you to get a good picture. Daddy and I are so happy that you are trying to crawl and our hearts melt when you laugh at us. Also, please stop saying dadada unless you’re going to start saying mama.

photo (76) photo (77)

It’s been a happy week over here, and I hope that you all have a happy weekend.



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