Antique Adventure

I don’t know about y’all, but when the weather feels right I have to be outside. Earlier this week I started to feel cooped up inside. I had been cleaning for a few days (bleck!) and it had been pretty rainy and cloudy for a few days. So when the sun showed it’s pretty face I wanted to be out in it! Emmerson LOVES being outside so it’s a fun way to keep her occupied as well. Nick happened to be home that day so we decided to head to Lexington and walk around. He used to live in Lexington and knew of a few little antique shops we could check out.


I just thought these signs were cool. I think they would look good in our kitchen or sunroom. This fan though. I want it. The blue was the perfect color and I love the touch of red with the GE logo.


These were bottle caps for soda. I just took the picture because it says Red Head on it.


If you have ever been to Lexington, NC you know it is BBQ central. These pigs are all throughout the downtown area. This guy was an accountant pig.


This was my favorite stop! The Candy Factory. It feels like you have just stepped back in time and who doesn’t love candy?! We didn’t think we were going to get anything until we got to this last case. There was so much chocolate! I tried one of each carmel candy and Nick ended up with a chocolate covered cherry and a coconut truffle. We have very different taste in chocolate. It’s fine with me…that way I don’t have to share.


I kind of hope Emmerson doesn’t have as much of a sweet tooth as Nick and I do. We could eat candy and desserts all day I think. Not good when you’re trying to get healthier!

Other than the candy we did end up with some good take aways.


Nick is extremely patriotic so when he saw these mugs he had to have them. They each have a different American theme. Betsy Ross is even on one of them. I love how antique they look and the ridged sides make them look kind of like barrels.


We look for good books for E all the time. These were only $0.29 each! Nick and I both love to read so we definitely want to pass that down! So far we have only read the Goodnight Duckling book and it went over pretty well.


This was my favorite find! We actually found this at a thrift store in Winston on our way to Lexington. I really liked the yellow color and Nick loved that it had a cherry pie recipe on the inside. I guess I need to make cherry pie now.

I’m writing this post from the beach! We randomly decided to come down thursday night and we are so happy that we did. Stay tuned for a beach update in a few days! Have a happy saturday!



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