Weekly Wishes: 1

Welcome to the first edition of Weekly Wishes. Hopefully doing this will help me stay accountable and reach my goals! Thanks for coming by. 🙂

The Nectar Collective

1. Drink more water! I love soda and tea way too much and I have a hard saying no them and drinking water instead. I know how good water is for me especially with nursing, but I’m not doing anything about it. Sometimes at the end of the day I realize that I haven’t had any water all day. Not good! My goal this week is to drink AT LEAST my 8-10 cups for the day. I know that’s not really going above and beyond, but that’s actually a lot more water than I’m currently drinking.

giraffeswater^Don’t you wish you could this awesome drinking water?^

2. Workout! A while ago I posted about my fitness goals. I still have those goals, but I was testing to see if my goals could be accomplished without me doing anything. Obviously they cannot. Such a bummer that we can’t get healthy and fit by eating mexican food and ice cream everyday. So my goal is to workout AT LEAST 3 days this week. The last month I have probably worked out once so I think this is a good place to start.

3. Bust out the crockpot! This week I have to work 3 nights which means I won’t be able to make dinner for Nick. My goal is to make something for him on Tuesday that he can eat for a few days. If you have any good crock pot ideas let me know!

That’s all my weekly wishes for this week! Any feedback about how to get good workouts into a busy schedule would be helpful! Happy Monday.



13 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes: 1

  1. Buffalo chicken in the crock pot!
    Chicken breast.. Hidden valley ranch seasoning packet.. Hot sauce.. Throw that mess in there and let it cook for like 6 hours.. Shred it in crock pot! Then serve it with bib lettuce and you can make tasty buffalo chicken lettuce wraps! Don’t forget the blue cheese dressing on the side! ❤

  2. i need to drink more water definitely too! i saw this pin on pinterest that i liked that had a giant water bottle with these tick marks with times on it.. and you had to drink down to that level by certain times of the day. I haven’t tried it myself, but maybe it works!

  3. I go to Planet Fitness twice a week for a suntan. It only takes 8 minutes, and I feel great afterwards! Btw don’t post a blog tomorrow because I won’t be able to read it!

  4. Woop woop – welcome to weekly wishes!!
    I love it for setting myself targets each week!
    Your goals are fab! I find with the old crockpot i go through stages – either I make 3/4 meals a week in it….or it sits lonely and un-loved in the corner of my kitchen…poor thing, actually might be time to dust mine off too!
    I love your comment about mexican food & ice-cream….lol! You can add cheese and wine to my list…why oh why are they not health foods? It’s a cruel world 😉
    Best of luck this week!!!

  5. Homeworkoutrevolution.com – here they have 4 minute workouts you can download. Who doesn’t have 4 minutes?
    dailyburn.com another great website if you workout at home!

  6. Yay! Looks like I’m already following you on Bloglovin’ :] I hope to bust out my crockpot too! I received one as a gift in August and feel like since the weather has finally cooled down a bit here in FL I’ll make a Fall recipe. Hope you are well! 😀 xo

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