Beach Weekend


This was our view this past weekend! Last thursday as I was getting ready to head into work for a couple hours I suggested to Nick that we leave for the beach later that afternoon. Nick didn’t have to work friday or saturday so I honestly just suggested it to see what he would say. I really didn’t think he would agree to go. But he did and we went down that evening and stayed until saturday night!!

Nick’s parents live at the beach so any chance we get we try to go down. I am so happy we did even though it rained almost the whole time! Thursday night we just went to Chili’s for dinner and grabbed these delicious donuts at The Donut Man. Ever since I saw the cronut on The Today Show I have been craving donuts! My favorite was the strawberry with the sprinkles.


It really was the perfect weekend to go because Nick’s mom happened to be off work friday so we got to spend the whole day with her! We lounged around the house and did a little furniture shopping. Nick’s mom, Sharon, is also a blogger. She blogs over at Dare to be Happy. Go check her out. Her posts are inspirational and can help turn your frown upside down!

Anyway, friday afternoon we decided to check out the Sky Wheel! Nick and I had never been, but Nick’s parents go a lot. It gives you a great view of the strip as well as the beautiful ocean!


There was a storm rolling in and the sky looked pretty awesome over the ocean.


E and I waiting to board the Sky Wheel. There wasn’t anyone else is line so we didn’t have to wait very long.


Emme loves her Gramma and did so great in the Sky Wheel.


It was hard to see out of the windows because it was raining a little bit. I just love E’s face here. “Huh? Me? Yes I’m cute!”


Here’s a better view of the ocean after our Sky Wheel ride. You can see how to the clouds were so dark and taking over the sky.

We timed our day perfectly and as soon as we got done with our ride Nick’s dad was off work and we walked down to Banditos to meet him for dinner. Nick and I had never tried Banditos, but we pretty much love any mexican food so we were excited. Nick’s dad ordered this corn that was a popular appetizer there.


It was called Street Corn and it was amazing. It was roasted and there were a couple different types of cheese on there and cilantro.


I did the two taco deal. One was the best shrimp taco I have ever had and the other was a vegan bean burrito. I’m not vegan, but the waitress suggested it and it was actually really good!

After our delicious dinner we headed home to put Emmerson to bed and we played games. Well just one quick game of Phase 10. I was a little distracted trying to improve some things with the ole blog.

Saturday both of Nick’s parents had to work so we were left to entertain ourselves. We decided to go back to Banditos for lunch. I could seriously eat mexican food every day so this was no problem for me. Unfortunately it wasn’t quite as good for lunch. We let the waitress convince us to try something different and we both regretted it.


I got the seafood burrito. It was good, but about half way through it became wayyy too much seafood.


After lunch we went by Nick’s moms work to see her and then went over to Market Commons. If you go to Myrtle Beach you should check out Market Commons. It’s a newer shopping center that has a Piggly Wiggly, movie theatre, tons of restaurants, and shops. We didn’t even end up buying anything, but it’s fun to walk around.

When Nick’s mom got home we just hung out until it was time to go home. During that relaxing time Emmerson decided to start crawling!!


She was going all over the place! I thought I was ready for this next stage of her life, but it’s been very different.

We had so much fun and can’t wait to go back soon! Happy Wednesday everyone. 🙂



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