Friday’s Letters


Dear Baby Einstein, Thank you for being sooo entertaining to Emmerson. You have helped me get a lot done around the house while Emmerson watched you. Also your classical music is great background noise.

Dear Iphone 5, Why did you break on wednesday? I’ve dropped you a million times and you’ve been fine. I’m sorry I put you in a precarious place, but I thought you could handle it. Thank you for still working even though your screen looks like crap.

Dear Bath & Body Works, Thank you for selling candles that smell life fall. Our house is so cozy with the smell of pumpkin spice filling our nostrils!

Dear husband, Thank you for making our life so fun. You made this video while I was at work and it made me so happy. I love that Emmerson has such a great dad that will be videoing her every move!


4 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters

  1. I hope to participate in Friday Letters sometime in November. I hope your 5 appreciates gets fixed soon!!! Your letter to BBW made me get up and light a candle while reading blog posts. Thank you!

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