Whiskers and Burgers

This past weekend was full of fun and food and pumpkins! Nick’s brother Rocky was in town…I feel like half of my blog posts recently have said this. I guess he just can’t stay away.

So let’s do a little weekend recap shall we?

Friday morning I got up bright and early and met by bffs for breakfast at camino. I had a delicious apricot turnover and I might have also eaten a piece of pumpkin bread. It’s just too hard for me to only pick one thing at Camino. It all looks delicious. After breakfast I had some extra time before I was going to meet my family for lunch, but Emmerson fell asleep in the car. It might just be me, but that is the worst! It means that she will take a short little power nap that gives her extra energy and it gets her schedule all outta wack! So I drove around town for about 20minutes and then ended up just parking at the restaurant and letting her nap. It actually worked out perfect because she woke up about 10 minutes before it was time to meet everyone and it gave me just enough time to feed her.

Meeting my family for lunch is one of the things I look forward to through the week. We typically do it on friday when everyone has time off work. We hit up Qdoba this week and it was pretty good. I got the naked burrito, but I don’t know how healthy it really was since I added cheese and sour cream. but who cares!

photo (98)This is Emmerson being held by my Mawmaw (E’s great grandmother, doesn’t she look amazing to be a GREAT grandmother) and being entertained by Madison her 2nd cousin.

By the time I got home from lunch Rocky had arrived and he and Nick were watching the weirdest show in the world. Here’s the thing about not having cable…on one hand I love it because if we had cable I would channel surf all day long. I would also watch way too much HGTV therefore resulting in me wanting to redecorate our whole house. On the other hand we have watched almost every show on Netflix it feels like. Anyway they were watching a show called Whisker Wars on Netflix.


This is a show about men growing their facial hair and competing to see whose is the best. Apparently it’s actually very popular and these guys travel all over to compete. They basically watched this all weekend and I now know way more than I would like to about the care and keeping of a beard. I also know all the “characters” and their back stories. I have no idea how any of this will ever be useful to my life, but it was kind of entertaining.

Friday night for dinner Rocky suggested we go to a new restaurant that just opened in Winston called Bad Daddy’s Burgers. They have one in Charlotte and he said it was really good so we thought we would try it out. The sign on the outside of the building says Burgers, Beer, Shakes, Fries, Salads and that’s pretty much all they have. but the burger I had was easily one of the best burgers I have ever eaten.

photo (94)

^Rocky and I both had the “Sam I Am” It had pesto, ham, egg, and the burger. It was SOOOO amazing. The egg was fresh and runny just how I like it and the burger was cooked to perfection. I had the onion straws as my side and Roc had the sweet potato fries.

photo (89)

^Nick went a different route and got the pastrami burger. It also had sauerkraut on it. He offered for me to try it, but I was too scared of the Sauerkraut.

Nick and I are already trying to figure out when we can get back over there to try more delicious burgers! Friday ended with a grocery stop at Trader Joe’s and me getting ready for Saturday morning brunch.

The only thing I made the night before was the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I was a little worried how they would turn out because of the pumpkin muffin situation I had a few weeks ago, but they were really good! So while I have you all here I’ll share what makes baking easier for me.

photo (91)

photo (90)

All these little containers are pampered chef. I LOVE them! I always get all of my ingredients together first so I don’t forget anything. I also make sure I read the whole recipe first so I don’t forget on that end either. That’s about it. Doing those two things help baking go quicker and help me stay on track!

Saturday morning we had a fun brunch and pumpkin carving, but you’ll just have stay tuned until tomorrow for that. 🙂 Happy Tuesday friends.



One thought on “Whiskers and Burgers

  1. Taylor, I am so proud of you for learning to bake and cook. I am also proud that you are such a good mother. I smile when I think of you!!

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