Weekly Wishes: 3

The Nectar Collective

Weekly Wishes are coming to you on tuesday this week because I had already posted 3 times yesterday to catch up for the weekend. So here’s last weeks recap:

My first goal last week was to workout at least 3 times. That sort of happened. I did a good elliptical workout monday night and paired that with a little kettle bell workout. Tuesday I did a workout at home and that was pretty much it for the week. Although friday Nick and I did take Emmerson for a pretty long walk, but I wouldn’t really consider that a workout.

My second goal was to finish reading the book Next Generation Leader for our leadership retreat at work. I did finish the book and get my goals for next year typed out so that goal was completed!

My last goal was to not spend unnecessary money. I feel like we did pretty good last week. Nick and I also talked about our finances and getting a better handle on everything.

Also, one of weekly wishes 2 weeks ago was to drink more water and I am happy to say that I have been doing so much better with this one!! It probably helps not having soda in the house.

As for this week…

1. Yesterday I started Herbal Life meal replacements. You replace two meals a day with shakes. I got all the ingredients sunday night at Trader Joes and prepared all my fruit when I got home. I also bought more protein powder from there since I was out. I am going to replace my breakfast and lunch meals with shakes and have a healthy meal for dinner. My goal this week is to stick to it! I’m sick of making excuses for why I’m not eating good and I hope this will help me. They are easy to make and actually taste pretty good so I’m feeling confident!

2. Make a Christmas plan! Nick and I have already written out who we need to get gifts for, but now we need to make a budget and see how much we can spend. We really want to be able to get everyone something good, but not just blow a bunch of money. That’s really hard for me to do around Christmas so I’m hoping a plan will help.

3. Spend quality alone time with Nick. I don’t know what all this will mean, but we need some time alone together. I already know that I am going to be out of the house 4 nights next week and it would be nice to make the most of our time this weekend. I think something that will help with this is staying off of my phone. I really enjoy being on my phone and hanging out on twitter or instagram, but Nick is obviously more important so I need to remember that!



3 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes: 3

  1. You are on the right track. Read a Proverb every day and that helps. I know that from experience. Today is Proverbs 6. Love you bunches and so proud of you.

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