November 8th

Today I am thankful for this blog.

I have only been blogging since the beginning of August, but I have enjoyed it so much. I have already met some amazing people and I want to continue to meet more. I absolutely love reading what all my blogging friends are up to. The blogging community can seem pretty intimidating when you first start exploring, but everyone I have met has been so kind to me. I have had a great time replaying our outings and what Emmerson is doing. I started this blog to help me remember Emmerson’s childhood better. I don’t have a great memory and I know that in the busyness of life I would forget the little moments. Blogging has made me keep camera out all the time and get some great pictures.

I am so looking forward to meeting other bloggers even more, to learning more about graphic design, and learning how to write more eloquently. If you read my blog please know how very, very thankful I am for you. I hope you enjoy hearing about our silly lives.



2 thoughts on “November 8th

  1. Your life doesn’t seem silly to me. I wish I’d had a forum like this to document my son’s growth. He’s 14 years old now, so I’m trying to make up for lost time (though he refuses to smile).

    I enjoy reading your blog and hope you’ll continue to write!

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