November 9th

Today I am thankful for organization.

Nick and I have only been living in our house since March of this year and we only moved in 2 weeks before Emmerson was born. We are just now starting to decorate more and put everything in the place it’s supposed to be. Last night I got out our winter clothes and starting putting summer clothes away. This spiraled into me going through ALL of our clothes and putting them into piles. Summer, Winter, Keep, Goodwill, and Consignment. I didn’t get very much of this done last night, but thankfully I was still in the mood to organize this morning. Nick was extremely helpful went through all of his drawers as well.

photo (99)

This is all of my scarves. Until this morning they were all in a giant pile and it was driving me crazy. There is so much room in our closet now that it’s all organized so I hooked my scarves on hangers. I think I like it pretty good.

I’m thankful for organization because it makes me more relaxed. It feels good to know where things are and it’s important to utilize every bit of space you have in a small house. I’m even more thankful when Nick helps me with my organization. 🙂

Happy Saturday Everyone!



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