Novemeber 11th

I am still catching up on posting everyday for November. I think I really underestimated how much of a challenge this would be! So bear with me and I try to stick this thing out and I’ll get back to posting normally in December hopefully.

Today I am thankful for my sister.


Chandler is 4 years younger than me and is the baby bird of the family. Although, Emmerson is the baby now. Growing up we weren’t super close..mostly due to the age difference. She had her set of friends and I had mine and it worked pretty well. I did my best to aggravate her at any chance I could get though. Some of my best memories are playing in the woods behind our house, jumping on the trampoline together, giggling/getting in trouble in the car together, being annoying and making her turn my light off and shut the door to my room after I was already in bed, spending the night at our grandparents together, and sooo many summer beach trips.


^This is just a testament of our relationship.^


^and again.^

Chandler and I had a period of almost two years that was really hard and we didn’t see eye to eye on a lot of things. That was such a hard time for me because I didn’t know what to do to make her happy again. I am so glad that time is over and that we are closer than ever now. She is an amazing auntie to Emmerson and I am so proud of the choices she has made in her life. Growing up we always wanted more siblings, but now I am so thankful it’s just us.





One thought on “Novemeber 11th

  1. I am just a little weepy anyway, but I cannot even say how much I love you both. You literally light up my life. Speaking of thankful, I do not know of any grandmother who has such special girls. Each in their own way. One day I will start a blog and y’all can keep up with me!!!!!

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