November 13th

Well, for those of you in North Carolina you know that it “snowed” yesterday. It was definitely coming down on my way to work, but nothing stuck at all. I was having to practice some serious patience because people in Winston-Salem have to drive about 10mph under the speed limit if any precipitation is falling. Thankfully I made it work on time (with enough time to return the redbox) without yelling at anyone from my car.

For the rest of the week I want to tell you all about my thankfulness for my grandparents. As I mentioned in one of my other thankful posts our family is really close. That’s not just my immediate family thats grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, great aunts, uncles, cousins. Y’all there are A LOT of us! It would take me a year to specifically write a thankful post about every single person!

A little background here…my mom’s parents got divorced when she was 5 and are both remarried now. I’m sure that wasn’t all fun and games for her and my Aunt Ninner, but it sure has been fun for us. Because of that whole situation Chandler and I have 3 sets of amazing grandparents that all live relatively close to us. They are all equally important and are all loved equally. (They have a tendency to all be a little jealous and some of them read this blog. Mimi, Mawamaw, Gdaddy..chill out I’m, going to write about all of you)

Once again these are in no particular order, but because they have the least drama (hah) I’m going to start with my dad’s parents. Bobbie and Max…aka Mimi and DaddyLeab.


Some of my best memories are spending the night at their house when we were little. Mimi would ALWAYS bake something with us.


 I can specifically remember making cupcakes for Easter. When we would spend the night we would always watch a movie like The Little Princess or The Secret Garden. Sometimes they would let us stay up late and watch TV in their bed and in the morning there was always pancakes or waffles.


 ^She is so much fun.^

I am so thankful for the work ethic and wisdom that my Dadleab has passed down to us. He is seriously one of the smartest, most hardworking men I know. He retired from the railroad several years back, but is just as busy as ever. He keeps a garden, raises bees, plays basketball like 3 times a week, and does his best to keep Mimi in line. Mimi is beautiful and smart and so outgoing. She teaches classes at our church’s college and I’m sure she’s whipping those kids into shape.


 Nick and I are so blessed and so thankful to have them in our life!!



2 thoughts on “November 13th

  1. I forgive you for putting those awful pictures of me because you picked us first!!! Just kidding. I had a WONDERFUL time at your wedding and am glad that I have lost over 20 lbs since then.

  2. Bobbie, you are an amazing lady. Taylor says you and I are her biggest fans! I loved hearing these memories of hers. I can smell the waffles cooking. Max and Bobbie, thanks for planting such wonderful seeds into Taylor’s life which positively affects our whole family! Taylor, thanks for sharing these fun memories!

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