Novemeber 15th

Happy Friday Amigos! I’m really feeling the weekend spirit this week!! Probably because I worked three days for the first time in who knows how long, but it wasn’t bad at all.

This is the last thankful post about my amazing grandparents.

My third set of grandparents is my mom’s mom and her husband. Connie and Rod…a.k.a. Mawmaw and Rod.


Many of the pictures that I have posted recently are from our wedding in August of 2011. Mawmaw was our wedding planner after our original wedding planner fell off the face of the earth. We got married at their house out in the middle of no where and it was amazing!


^Aren’t my mom and Mawmaw gorgeous!?^

Chandler and I spent the night with Mawmaw and Rod a lot when we were younger too. Actually, now that I’m writing these posts I’m feeling like i never slept at home. My parents had it good..shipping us off to the grandparents every weekend! Anyways, spending the night there was full of dress up and reading stories. Mawmaw loves rabbits so we would read Peter Cottontail a lot. One of the best memories I have is of how comfortable the beds are at their house! It might seem silly, but the comforters she has make it feel like you’re wrapped up in a cloud. Mawmaw and Rod are also our only set of grandparents that have a dog so that does give them a one up on the others. They had Frosty a West Highland Terrier and now they have Willow a Cairn much fun!


Mawmaw is one of the most kind people you will ever meet. She also has an amazing sense of style and I hope I look as good as her when I’m her age. She and Rod have been married since 1999 and he is the biggest nut ever. He is literally always telling a joke, or making fun of someone, or telling some crazy story! He and Mawmaw stay very active and travel all over the U.S. to go hiking and exploring.

I am so thankful for Mawmaw and Rod and I am especially looking forward to Christmas morning at their house coming up soon!



One thought on “Novemeber 15th

  1. Your mawmaw is an amazing woman. I admire her so much and am so glad that she has been such a big part of yours and Chandler’s life. She is so very kind, and smart, and beautiful. I am so glad to know her.

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