November 16th, & 17th

Saturday I was thankful for small towns and flea markets!

Saturday Nick and I were both at home and we had NOTHING going on! For once! It was awesome to just have time to relax together in the morning. Nick had heard about a small flea market close to where we live. We hung out at home and took our time getting ready that morning and then headed out around 4. There were about 20-30 vendors out at the flea market! Some had antiques that they had collected and were selling and some had items they had made. I ended up with a few different things. I got my first christmas present for someone, a couple candle sticks, and a basket! You can see the picture I took on my instagram! I am thankful for things like this because it showcases other peoples creativity. Plus, it brings out lots of interesting people!


Sunday I was thankful for my own creativity.

I would not call myself creative by any means. It definitely is not one of my strong suits, but this weekend I got creative. We are having a few friends over this coming up sunday for a thanksgiving dinner and I am trying to get creative with decorations. I obviously turned to pinterest for some help. I don’t want to give away too much about my thanksgiving decor yet, I’ll do a post about that another day! But I am so thankful that my ideas actually worked. I am proud of my crafts and I can’t wait to share them with you soon! Check out my pinterest to see some of thanksgiving ideas I’ve pinned.

And here’s some cuteness since I didn’t have pictures for those posts.

IMG_5522Have a great start to your week!



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