Thanksgiving 2013

Over the years I have come to the realization that Thanksgiving is easily one of my favorite holidays. I have a very large family and any time we all get together is a good time.

For the first time this year we had a little thanksgiving dinner at our house. I feel like I did a good job making our table look really beautiful and cleaning the house and I forgot to take a picture. I did take these a few days before to send to my mom because I still need my mama’s approval. 🙂


^These were our turkey place settings. I got the idea from pinterest and it was so easy!^


^The beginnings of the table. I got that cute turkey on sale at Michael’s and I got the candle sticks at a flea market. The table runner and table cloth are both from world market.^

There were just 5 of us. Rocky, Meg, Steph and Nick and I. They each brought something and in addition I made sweet potato casserole, chicken casserole, pumpkin pie, and apple pie. It was my first time making a pumpkin pie and it actually turned out pretty good. We stayed up late into the night talking and playing games. Nick and I are so thankful for our close little group of friends. I loved having our little “friendsgiving” and it really stretched out the thanksgiving holiday for us.


^Thank you to Rocky for catching this gem. Love these two yahoos.^

 Now to Thursday! Because our family is so big we have to divide up our thanksgiving day so everyone has a “turn.” This year we went to my mom’s mom’s (mawmaw’s) house for lunch! On Mawmaw’s side it’s my mom, my aunt and our families and then Mawmaw’s husband Rod has 2 daughters that come with their families. Also Rod’s brother and some of Mawmaw and Rod’s friends. I believe we ended up with over 30 people! I only took a couple pictures because I was being a major slacker and I was also in a turkey coma.


^My Auntie Ninner is so beautiful! This was Emmerson’s first experience with a “real” baby doll. It was fun watching her try to kiss and hug the baby.^


^I am so blessed.^

So usually when the thanksgiving tasks are being given out I always end up with sweet tea as my assignment. Like, for every family event. So this year when I was given the option of bringing macaroni and cheese I obviously jumped at the chance! I wanted to really show off for my first time contributing so I used this recipe to make homemade mac and cheese. I thought it was pretty good!

We hung out at Mawmaw’s house for the afternoon and headed to the beach around 4. My parents and Chandler got to go to my Mimi’s house later that night and the other side of the family all got together saturday. I was sad to miss those meals and fun times with them, but we hardly ever see Nick’s family! We got to the beach around 8 thanksgiving night and had leftovers with them. We had a great time!

We are still at the beach so I’ll update you about the rest of the weekend soon. Happy Sunday!



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