Thanksgiving at the beach

On thanksgiving night we headed down to the beach to spend the weekend with Nick’s family. They had already eaten lunch earlier in the day, but we reheated leftovers and they were still delicious! Nick’s mom also made a yummy mayonnaise cake. It sounds weird, but it’s just a really moist chocolate cake! That night we stayed up late and talked and the guys played music together. Nick and his brothers all play some sort of instrument so they love when we are all together so they can jam.

I debated going shopping on friday, but I decided it just wasn’t worth it. For one thing I couldn’t stop feeling bad for people that had to work and for another I didn’t need to spend any money. There wasn’t anything I needed bad enough to spend money on not matter how cheap. Plus in myrtle beach there are so many people at the outlets it’s just insane. We did venture out to Target to get a few necessities, but it wasn’t crazy.

We spent the rest of our time at the beach relaxing, eating, and playing games. We love having our home away from home at the beach. The last time we were there Emmerson learned how to crawl so we were expecting big things from her and she did not disappoint.


^She learned how to eat out of these little pouches without us having to put it on a spoon. She was just sucking it right out of the package and since she learned that sucking motion she learned how to drink from a straw too.^


^This wasn’t anything that she learned, but it made me laugh. She got herself trapped under that chair and couldn’t figure out how to get out. I obviously took a picture before I helped her get out.^

We came home from the beach Sunday afternoon so we could have Emmerson on her regular schedule for going to sleep. It felt good to be home and get in bed at a good time. Nick and I worked on some of our goals a little bit and even had time to read before going to bed. I worked for a few hours on monday morning and then came home and Nick and I were very productive around the house. It’s been a great start to the week and I expect the rest of the week to be the same!

Happy Tuesday!



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