What do I do?

This is week 3 of the Stay at Home Mom link-up over at  Scattered Seashells. Although I have missed the first two weeks I thought it would be fun to jump in for these last two. Basically Chantal posts a list of questions and we answer them. It seems like a great way to meet other moms and see what they do during the day. If you’re a stay at home mom link-up with us!

 The Pearl & The Pilot

1. How does your spouses’ job and schedule affect you as an individual as well as how your household operates?
 2. How do you feel about being a SAHM? Is it everything you expected?

1. Nick owns his own business so it’s actually really awesome for us. He makes his own schedule and can pretty much go and come however he wants. One of the challenges is that we have to be really flexible. He might have to take calls or leave the house on short notice. My favorite thing about Nick owning his own business is that sometimes he is home with me during the day. Sometimes we are really productive together and sometimes we use it as a chance to lay around and be lazy together. For my job I make the schedule for all of the employees. That means that I make my own schedule. If Nick does happen to be home early or not have to work one day I can go ahead and go to work and he can have some quality time with Emmerson. It’s been a really great system for us and because of the fact that we both work we try to share responsibilities. I usually do more of the cleaning, but Nick is really helpful with taking care of bigger projects around the house and he is always helpful with dishes (my least favorite). He and Emmerson also have a really great system going for when I have to work at night. He is an amazing husband and daddy.

photo 1 (1)

2. I love being able to stay at home with Emmerson during the day. We usually never stay at home a whole day though. We are on the go a lot and I actually think it puts E in a better mood to be out of the house. Being a SAHM is very different that I expected! The first few months were pretty easy since newborns take like 15 naps a day. I was able to get things done around the house and usually have time for a little nap myself. Now that Emmerson is over 8 months old she is busy, busy, busy. She does take a couple naps still, but I use those as blogging and shower time. It’s harder to find time to get everything done in a day, but Emmerson is so much fun to play with now that her personality has really blossomed. Being a mom is the funnest, most rewarding thing ever and I’m looking forward to how our schedule will continue to change!

Happy Thursday friends, and don’t forget to link-up if you’re a SAHM.



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