What do I do? #2

Good morning everyone! Last week I linked up with Scattered Seashells for the “What do you do?” link up. Apparently I answered week 4questions for week 3 so this week I’m just gonna flip it. I considered just not linking up again since this is the last one, but I enjoyed writing my post as well as reading others posts so here we go.

The Pearl & The Pilot

How do you entertain with a house full of kids?
What kind of traditions does your family do during holidays?
How do feed relationships with non-mommy friends?
What do you struggle with the most as a SAHM? What is your best funny/embarrassing/cringeworthy mommy moment?

1.Well I don’t really have a house full of kids, unless you include Nick and Ranger in that. 😉 I entertain Emmerson with a small variety of toys. baby toy

She loves these rings. Nick and I use them to teach her about colors and we usually do something like this..”This ring is blue, blue starts with the letter B, what else starts with the letter B?, banana, boot, bug.” We do that as long as her attention will last and we also do the same thing with the stackable cups that she has. When she gets bored with these I let her take everything out of her diaper bag. <pretty sure she enjoys that more than anything. If I have cleaning to do around the house I open the cabinet that has plastic bowls and tupperware in it and let her go to town.

2. We don’t have a lot of big traditions, but we go to the same places every year for Christmas. We go to Mimi’s (my dad’s parents) house on Christmas eve and then we go back to my parents and open presents there. Then Christmas morning we go to Mawmaw’s (mom’s moms) house and have a delicious brunch. Then we will head to the beach and continue the festivities. Somewhere during all the driving and fun time with everyone Nick and I will have our own little Christmas. Now that we really have our own family we want to start a couple traditions. We want to let Emmerson open new Christmas pjs and a movie sometime before Christmas day and make lots of cookies! So far the cookie thing has totally been happening!

3. I feel like I do a good job keeping up with my non-mommy relationships. My two best friends aren’t married and don’t have children so we try to hang out as often as possible. We can typically have a night out every other week and keep up throughout the week by texting, phone calls, gym time, or meeting up for a quick lunch. Nick has been so awesome to help me have time with them. One of my biggest fears about becoming pregnant was that I would lose my friends, but honestly those relationships have only grown stronger.

4. I can’t think of an embarrassing moment, but that’s probably because Emmerson is only 8months old. I’m not really looking forward to those awkward bathroom discussions you always hear mom’s and their kids having. I struggle most with making sure I’m doing the right things as far as raising E. Do I get frustrated too easily? Is my house too messy? When will I work out? Is ok to eat spaghetti for 5 meals in a week and a half span? I try not to dwell on those type of questions when they pop in my head. Romans 12:2 says not to be conformed to the world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. I have to daily remind myself that God is with me and helping me in everything I do. It’s ok to not be like other mom’s and do things how I feel are right.

Faces like this make me happy.

Don’t forgot to go link up if you’re a stay at home mom!! Happy Tuesday my little elves!

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