BBQ and Bluegrass

This past weekend was jam packed with fun and Christmas excitement. We started our weekend on Thursday night with friends at family at a yummy bbq restaurant called Prissy Polly’s in Kernersville. We all went to see a local bluegrass band The Grassifieds. They are such a great band and they draw a pretty big crowd when they play.


^Our friends Meg and Daniel go to church with some of the guys/gal that play so they keep us informed about their shows. They write their own music and they also perform some oldies but goodies.^


^Nick’s mom and brother ended up being in town to see her parents and they met us there to eat and enjoy some musica. I’m sure I’ll write a full post about this eventually, but if you aren’t married keep in mind that you marry the family too not just the man. I am so blessed with the in-laws that I have!^


^My dad, mom, and Steph also came. We never say no to excuses to hang out and eat together. (Apparently Steph was saying something interesting.)^


^Chandler (little sister) came as well. She loves when I post pictures of her.^ 🙂

Meg and Daniel were also there, but it was so packed in there so they sat with their friends from church. Times like this where friends and family get together are the best. Having good food and good music are just the icing on the cake.

We did so much this past weekend that I’m breaking it into a few posts as not to overload you. So stay tuned for more weekend excitement! Happy Wednesday!



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