Vintage Jane

After our fun bluegrass show last Thursday night we went to a store called Vintage Jane.


Steph recently started working there and is loving it so far. It’s a shop in kernersville that showcases handmade and vintage items. Steph has several things she has made in the shop and she also works there a few hours a week. They usually close at 6, but they had a designer come to showcase some of her clothing that night. All the ladies that went to the bbq dinner met back up over there about 8 and my aunt Ninner and mawmaw met us there too.


^They had everything set up so beautifully.^


^These candles burn for over 100 hours and they smell so amazing! Also the wax is very easy to clean out so when you get down to the bottom you can use the jar as a vase.^


^Steph made these super cute pillows to sell at the shop.^


^Chandler playing around with this awesome vintage camera and mawmaw in the background.^


^Vintage Jane used to just be the upstairs of this shop and they only had stuff in a couple rooms. Now they have all the upstairs rooms full and the downstairs full as well.^


^Everyone that came except Meg.^

IMG_5748 IMG_5745 IMG_5741

^Mawmaw got that gorgeous necklace, Chandler got that off white lacy dress, and mom ended up with the zebra scarf.^


^As you can see by all the bags everyone found something they loved!^


^These ladies are the best.^

We had so much fun shopping and trying on different clothes and jewelry. Not only is everything in the shop so beautiful it is so affordable! Nowadays a lot of these antique, vintage boutique shops are really expensive, but Vintage Jane is nice and easy on the wallet. If you’re local you should go check it out. There are some awesome items that would be perfect as Christmas gifts. Happy Thursday everyone!



2 thoughts on “Vintage Jane

  1. Keep repeating, I am not jealous, I am not jealous, I am not jealous!!!
    Just kidding, family is best of all and I probably would not have enjoyed it anyway. Your other grammy needs to spend more time with you anyway.

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