Weekly Wishes:5

The Nectar Collective

I barely made it over here to write this weeks weekly wishes. We have had a weird monday and I for one am glad that it’s close to being over. Although I do have chocolate chip cookies in the oven so I have that to look forward to.

Last week I only accomplished one goal, but it has been my most challenging one. I worked out 4 times last week! I made it to cxworx twice, I did a workout at home with the app Nike Training Club, and I did a Nike Training Club workout at the Y as well. That app is awesome! It gives you tons of options for what workout you want to do and then times you and cheers you on while you workout.

photo (1)

My other goals were to finish reading my book and make a cleaning schedule. I did neither of these things. I’m not too worried about finishing the book because Nick and I have been doing really well with our finances. I do want to finish it eventually, but no stress. I did the opposite of make a cleaning schedule..I’m not even sure if I cleaned anything at all. I don’t feel bad about it either!

This week I have some goals that will hopefully be more accomplishable.

1. Workout at least 3 times. Yup, here it is again. I did it last week and I can do it this week!

2. Get the house clean before Christmas. We have a jam packed week this week and then we leave for the beach for Christmas on wednesday night. I’m not going to try to get a schedule for cleaning this week I just have to clean it all.

3. Finish shopping and wrap all the gifts. Y’all we are so close to being done with getting all of our gifts, but none of them are wrapped yet.


^I went to the mall with my mom on friday and Emmerson had a blast window shopping.^

One thought on “Weekly Wishes:5

  1. Every time I think of Emme, I smile. She is just the cutes thing ever…..except of course you when you were little.
    Don’t sweat the small stuff!!!

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