Weekly Wishes:6

Y’all it is two days until Christmas. We are getting very excited and other than some cleaning I need to do we are prepared! So let’s kick off this Christmas week with some weekly wishes!

The Nectar Collective

Last week we finished all of our Christmas shopping AND got everything wrapped! I am waiting for a few things to arrive from Amazon and I hope they make it before Christmas.

As far as working out goes..it didn’t happen. I have discovered something these last couple of weeks.. Two weeks ago when I worked out 4 days I didn’t clean anything, but this past week I didn’t work out at all and cleaned a lot. (although the house is still dirty!) So moral of that story is that I need a schedule and a good way to get everything done in a day.

This week I don’t have any “wishes” per say:

1. Relax! Tomorrow I will tell y’all our schedule which is insane, so I need to remember to relax this week and not let the crazy schedule get to me.

2. Enjoy the moments with Emmerson. Once again, our schedule is going to be crazy for the next week so I want to make the most of our first Christmas as a family of 3.

3. Remember that Jesus is the reason for the season. Yes, I am excited about opening gifts. Yes, I am excited about all the family time. But in the end we wouldn’t even be celebrating this amazing holiday if it wasn’t for God sending his only son to earth.



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