Five on Friday

One: As you know from my post yesterday we had snow this week and it has basically shut Winston down. School is out today and I think the high is 50. I understand we have to be cautious, but it has gotten a little crazy! Two: I saw this challenge on instagram a few nights ago […]

Snow 2014

We finally got a decent snow here in NC. The weathermen have been teasing us with snow forecasts a lot recently, but this week it happened! Tuesday afternoon the flurries started and it didn’t stop snowing until probably 8 that night. I’d say we have at least an inch at our house. It isn’t really […]

It’s Friday!

It’s a cold and dreary friday here in the 336, but it’s friday. Woohoo! This week has been great. This is pretty much an accurate portrayal of what we have looked like this week. (I busted the screen of my phone a couple months ago and last week I got it fixed, but my camera […]