Happy New Year

Happy New Year! We have officially entered 2014. Remember when it was new years eve 1999 and we all thought the world was going to end when the clock turned 12am on January 1, 2000? Well, we made it guys. 14 years later we’re still going strong!

Nick and I didn’t do anything too exciting for New Years Eve last night. I had to work, but when I came home about 9 Nick had prepared some delicious appetizers for us to snack on as we watched the ball drop. We decided to be old folks and crawl in the bed about 11:30 so we never actually saw the ball drop, but we were awake to see the time change over to put us in 2014.

I love getting prepared for the new year and thinking about the things I want to do differently and some things that I want to stay the same. We had the biggest year of our lives in 2013. We moved out of our apartment in November of 2012, and moved in with my parents until March of 2013. I love my parents, but we were ready to have our own space again.

IMG_1584We bought our first home and moved in 2 weeks before Emmerson was born!


We welcomed Emmerson into the world on March 21, 2013 and our lives haven’t been the same since.


In August I started this amazing blog. I’m honestly amazed that I have kept going for this long. I have taken a break for a couple weeks here and there, but with the new year starting and no holidays I think I can keep it up more. I have met some wonderful women through this blog and I am excited to see what else comes of it in the coming years. It has been such a joy to document our lives and I know I will look back one day and be so thankful for the little blossom.

The rest of the year was spent learning how to be parents to Emmerson and adjusting to our new life. This past year brought new challenges and a new level of love that I never knew existed.

This next year I look forward to Emmerson turning one, growing and learning at work more than ever, my 3rd anniversary with Nick, and spending time with my amazing friends and family. I will share with you all some goals I have soon! Happy New Year!!



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