Christmas recap

Before Christmas I wanted to show y’all our schedule of events, but I never got around to it. This post might have to be divided into two, but we’ll see. Without further ado I bring you…The Jordan’s crazy Christmas!

1. Christmas with the Robbins family 12/21/13. I have one great-grandparent still alive. It’s my 91 year old great-grandmother (dad’s mom’s mom). She has 4 living children and all of their families, and one of her deceased son’s family. Not everyone could make it and we still had at least 30 people in that house. It’s always fun and especially now because there are so many kids. They all have so much fun playing together!


^5 generations right here. We have such an amazing heritage.^(too many people were taking pictures so we didn’t know which camera to look at.)


^All of the Leab’s here. There wasn’t one picture with everyone smiling, but this one was best.^

2. Christmas at Great-Aunt Brenda’s 12/22/13. Every year the sunday before Christmas my mom’s aunt brenda cooks a feast and we relax at her house. The food is always so amazing and she cooks for an army. There were about 15 of us at her house for lunch and we counted that she had made 7 different desserts. I was so full I could barely eat anything else, but the mini pecan pies she made were so yummy.


^Most of the family around the couch and Chandler snoozing.^


^Emmerson helping her great-parents open their present.^ (Mom’s dad and step-mom)

3. Christmas with aunts/uncles on the Leab side 12/23/13. This was the first year we have ever done this. My dad’s dad has a brother and sister so we had a big bbq dinner with them and their families that monday night. I got to meet my dad’s cousins wife and their little girl for the first time. The food was good and it was fun chatting with everyone and catching up. I forgot to bring my camera so I didn’t get any pictures. 😦

The night of Dec. 23rd Emmerson did not sleep well at all, and in the morning she woke up with a fever. So we started Christmas eve by taking E to the doctor and finding out she had an ear infection. She was sick for all of Christmas and as of 2 days ago Dec. 31st she is still sick. We found out the infection moved from one ear to the other, but through all of this she has had a good temperament and other than not sleeping well she hasn’t been too tough to manage.

4. Christmas Eve with the Leab’s 12/24/13. We always have Christmas eve with my dad’s parents and his brother. Mimi makes oyster stew and chili for those of us scared of oysters. Emmerson especially likes going over there because she loves her cousins, Bella and Joseph.


^My great-grandmother telling us stories about WWII and some of her favorite Christmas memories.^


^Joseph excited to open his stocking!^


^Bella hanging out with DaddyLeab.^


^Emmerson and I were anxiously awaiting present opening time.^

This has barely scratched the surface of all Christmas fun we had. I’ll have the rest for you soon. Happy Thursday!



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