Christmas Recap part:2

Last time I left off with Christmas Eve. We had dinner at Mimi’s house and then headed back to my parents house to open presents there. For probably the last 5 years or so we have opened presents with my parents Christmas Eve. It started by us asking to just open one and eventually we started opening all of them. My dad also leads us in communion every year. I loved sharing that tradition with Emmerson this year.


^Emmerson sitting with GiGi, Poppy, and Levi while they open presents.^


^My sister Chandler and her boyfriend Ethan exchanging their gifts.^


^Emmerson in her Christmas pjs from Nick and I. She loves those little eos chapticks, they are the perfect size for her to hold.^

Nick and I got some new clothes, books, candy, jewelry and a few other fun things. When we were finished there we headed home to get everything ready for Christmas day! After we put Emmerson to bed we were ready to relax for a little bit! We turned netflix on to the fireplace option and decided to go ahead and open the gifts we got for each other. I didn’t take any pictures because we were trying to have a nice quiet time alone together. Nick got me some new earrings and a beautiful locket. The locket has an E on the outside and he put a little picture of Emmerson on the inside, I love it! Nick and I decided not to get Emmerson anything for Christmas. We did want to start the tradition of giving her pajamas on Christmas eve so we did that, but we felt it was unnecessary. She was given new clothes, books, and toys from all of our other family so we thought it would be better to save that money.

So, Christmas morning Nick and I woke up bright and early to pack for the beach. We left the house about 9 and headed to Mawmaw’s (mom’s mom) out in East Bend. Every year we have an amazing breakfast..shrimp and grits, egg casserole, fruit, coffee, and muffins. After breakfast and cleaning up it’s time to open gifts.


^Madison got the American Girl doll Molly. They looked so cute with their matching outfits!^


^Emmerson was more interested in the bow. I was opening her first ornament. Every year Mawmaw gives us a new ornament, they usually always have something to do with an event that has happened throughout the year. Emmerson’s said “babies first christmas”^


^Emmerson’s big present was her very first American Girl doll. Chandler and I loved these dolls growing up and if it weren’t for a basement flood we would still have ours. This doll is Marie-Grace, I know Emmerson can’t play with her yet, but I went ahead and took her out of the box and set her up on a shelf so we don’t forget about her. I love that dolls come with a book too, I can remember reading all of Felicity’s books when I was younger.^

After an awesome time at Mawmaw’s it was time to load up the van and go see Nick’s family. Nick’s parents and brothers made the trip up from Myrtle Beach to spend time with Nick’s grandparents that live around here. We went to their house to relax for the afternoon before dinner.


^Emmerson loves her uncle Rocky.^

From there we left to go to Nick’s aunt and uncles house to have dinner with them. Rocky had his camera out so I neglected to take any pictures during our time there. We exchanged gifts with everyone and then we all loaded up and headed to the beach! My grandparents rented a condo on the beach for my mom’s side of the family so we spent most of our time with Nick’s parents, but went over to the condo a few times as well. I’ll fill y’all in on all the beach activities soon. Happy Friday!



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