Christmas at the Beach

On Christmas night we all headed towards the beach to spend the weekend with Nick’s family. We got down there around midnight and were ready to crash.  The next morning Nick and I went to the grocery store to get supplies for a big brunch! I had had a little bit of a cold for a few days, but it hit hard on the 26th. I ended up letting the guys do most of the cooking while I took a much needed nap. Nick’s mom didn’t have to work that day so they kept Emmerson occupied and I was able to get some good rest.

That night we went to the condo that my grandparents rented to have a big shrimp dinner. They grilled shrimp and had hush puppies and slaw. It was absolutely delicious. My grandparents got Emmerson some adorable new clothes and my Aunt Robynne helped her open them. 


Friday was spent shopping and hanging out until it was time for our Christmas dinner with Nick’s family. I can’t believe I forgot to take a picture, but we always do fondue with them. I had never had fondue at home before I started having Christmas with them. It’s really fun and something different than the usual Christmas dinner. After that was present time. They have the tradition of wrapping gifts multiple times. So you get the present with your name on it and take off the paper and then underneath is more wrapping paper with someone else’s name on it. You keep passing it from person to person until someone eventually gets to open it. It’s time consuming for the wrapper, but it’s really fun because it makes the opening more exciting! 


Emmerson did a good job trying to open hers. 



She got her first set of blocks! She has had a blast playing with them. 

Saturday and Sunday were filled with relaxing and shopping again. The Tanger outlets in Myrtle Beach always have really good sales after Christmas so we shopped there for awhile and also hit the mall. The guys were sick of shopping after awhile (10 minutes) so we went home and they played risk.


a.k.a the longest game in the universe. They were really into it, but I’m pretty sure they played for like 3 hours. I tried to play, but failed miserably.

We so wish we could see Nick’s family more, but we cherish the times we do get with them. Nick’s mom got me a new book that I have started reading and am loving and Emmerson got lots of new toys and books. Nick got some things for work, an audio book, and an awesome journal that he has already started using. 

Like I said our Christmas is kind of crazy and it takes a lot of energy, but it’s also really fun. I don’t know what I would do without a gigantic family! I am glad all the festivities are over and the new year is in full force! Have a happy wednesday everyone!



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