It’s Friday!

It’s a cold and dreary friday here in the 336, but it’s friday. Woohoo! This week has been great.


This is pretty much an accurate portrayal of what we have looked like this week. (I busted the screen of my phone a couple months ago and last week I got it fixed, but my camera is still messed up. Hence the blurriness)

It has been freezing cold so we have been doing lots of curling up in comfy clothes and drinking coffee.(Two of my favorite things)

Nick works outside so he has been doing more graphic work than usual, but it’s been fun having him home.

I have made it to the Y 3 times this week and I’m already down some weight! (I’ll give a goal update soon)

We made a delicious Thai dinner on tuesday night. Red curry is one of my favorite meals and it was so much fun making it at home. I forgot how much I love cooking with Nick. We had a great time putting it all together  and an even better time eating it up.


This weekend we have plans to do nothing! That is one of my favorite things about the new year. You go through all the craziness of the holidays and then in January you have nothing to do! It’s so relaxing and actually makes for some productive days. Anywhozzal y’all have a great weekend!



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