2014 Goals

I am definitely a fan of new years resolutions! I usually don’t really remember them because I forget to write them down, but this year I have a blog so I want to put them in writing.

Blogging goals- Obviously I want to grow my blog this year! I’m not really concerned about followers (although I so so appreciate everyone who reads), but I would like to see that number go up some. I really want to get better about planning posts out. I especially want to get better about keeping up with Emmerson posts. I started writing so I could document Emmerson’s life, but I don’t write those posts very often. I also want to get started with sponsorships and other fun things like that. I haven’t really invested too much into my blog because honestly I didn’t think I would make it this far. I think it’s time to take it up a notch and I’m very excited about it.

Personal goals- Meg (the bff) and I have made a pretty lofty goal to lose 20lbs by March 21 (Emmerson’s 1st bday). I’m a teensy bit nervous about this goal, but we are doing what it takes! I made this little notecard to keep up with my workouts and weight loss so far. That’s my biggest personal goal. I really want to get back into the right lifestyle of working out and eating well.


Another personal goal is to work on my patience. It’s no surprise that having a baby takes patience and I need to really learn to be more patient especially during this stage of her life. Emmerson is learning what is right and wrong and I want to teach her without losing my cool.

Emmerson goals- This year Emmerson will be one. WHAT?! Yes, my tiny little girl will turn one year old and will change from being a baby into a toddler. My goals with Emmerson are to teach her as much as possible. It blows my mind how much she has already learned so I’m looking forward to seeing her little brain get to work this year. I want to begin the potty training process towards the end of the year and hopefully she will be easy to teach! Once it gets warm I really want to get her out of the house and into exploring. We have a park within walking distance of our house and I am excited about taking her there and playing in the spring!

Marital goals- Now that Nick and I have a pretty good rhythm with this whole parenting thing it’s time to put some attention back into our relationship. Not that it has gotten neglected by any means, but obviously more of our attention has been on Emmerson. We have decided to have a monthly date night. Starting with this month I will chose what we do and then Nick will chose next month. We figured doing it like that would make it a fun surprise for each other and keep it fresh. I also want to get better at letting Nick have down time when he gets home from work. It’s hard to not just throw stuff on him as soon as he walks in the door so I’m gonna work on that.

Spiritual goals- I’ve never been good at keeping up with devotionals or specific prayer time so I’m not going to try to put a specific time on those things. Instead I want to make my faith known this year. I want to have prayer on my mind all time and not hesitate when I feel the need to pray. I want to help people in need and not feel self conscious about sharing what I believe.

Work goals- I don’t really know what work is going to entail this year. I am keeping my mind open to any new positions or opportunities, but I am also content with where I am right now. Nick has recently started back to school so my main job is to support him in that and make some money on the side as much as I can.

This post was pretty wordy, but I wanted to set the stage for the year and get my goals out there. I will be going into more detail about each one separately at different times. Have a happy monday!

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