Tuesday needs some credit.

I feel like tuesdays get left behind. Mondays are, well mondays. Wednesday is “hump day” middle of the week. Thursday is basically the weekend so we pretty much act like it is. Friday, saturday, and sunday are the weekend. So basically tuesday needs its own thing..let’s work on that.

Anyways this past weekend was really relaxing and amazing. Our weather was rainy and cold so all we wanted to do was lay around in pjs! Saturday morning I got my hiney out of bed and went to the Y. I am so glad I did too because I could feel the soreness in my arms for a couple days afterward. When I got home Nick was lounging around and Emmerson was taking a nap so i decided to make some blueberry muffins.


They turned out pretty good..I used this recipe from pinterest. Nick and I have gotten into playing cards after dinner when Emmerson goes to sleep, so since she was taking a nap we played a little gin rummy while enjoying our muffins.


When Emmerson woke up she tried a little blueberry muffin for the first time and entertained us for the rest of the day.

Now that she is over the cough she had and the ear infections she has been in such a good mood. She’s becoming more interested in Ranger by trying to feed him anything she thinks he should have..her snacks, my eos, bottles. He obviously loves it. She’s also starting to really play by herself. Our family got her lots of great toys for Christmas so she has plenty to entertain herself with.

Saturday night we went to a one year old birthday party for one of Emmerson’s friends. It was winter “one” derland themed and it was so cute. It was getting me really excited for planning Emmerson’s party for March! After the party my sister and her boyfriend came over and we played games. We played Quelf  and we were cracking up the whole time. There’s various cards that you choose based on what color you land on and sometimes you answer a question, have to act something out, use a weird accent, or just do something weird. I drew a card that made me build a fort from our couch cushions and I had to stay in the fort until my next turn. It was interesting to say the least.

Sunday we had a great service at church and headed home after Nick had a meeting. This is how we were all feeling.


It was time for sunday afternoon naps and getting ready for the week ahead!

Happy Tuesday!!



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