Snow 2014

We finally got a decent snow here in NC. The weathermen have been teasing us with snow forecasts a lot recently, but this week it happened!

Tuesday afternoon the flurries started and it didn’t stop snowing until probably 8 that night. I’d say we have at least an inch at our house. It isn’t really snow that’s great for playing because it’s really soft, but we did get to get some good pictures.



We don’t really have good winter clothes so we didn’t stay out too long. This was in the afternoon before there was too much snow.


She was more interested and watching Ranger run around than the snow.



This was later in the evening and you can tell there is a lot more snow. It was freezing outside, but Ranger kept sitting at the door begging to go out. He has loved having the snow!

We spent our snow day laying around the house and eating. I made french toast for breakfast and then avocado chicken salad for lunch. I did end up having to go to work later wednesday evening, but the roads weren’t bad at all.


All in all our snow day was awesome and even if she didn’t care I’m happy that Emmerson got to experience snow for the first time!

Happy Thursday friends!


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