11 Questions

Good morning! I bring to you today a little questionnaire. I saw it on someone’s blog a couple weeks ago and I saved it for a rainy day. I cannot remember where I saw it, but thank you to whoever wrote the questions!
Photo on 2014-02-04 at 16.56 #2
^(having alone time before work while Nick and his brother play with Emme. Thanks for my shirt Melissa!)^
1. Are you allergic to anything? I don’t have any strong allergies to anything, but I would have to say cats. It was a lot worse when I was younger, but I think I have outgrown it.
2. What is your favorite clothing company? I really love anthropologie, but their clothes are so expensive. Most of my clothes are from the gap so that’s probably really my favorite.
3. Where do you go when you are alone and need a break? I take a nap or a bath! Or a nap in the bath. <Don’t try that.
4. What is your favorite hot drink? Coffee! or coffee type drinks. I really started liking the carmel brule latte from starbucks, but it was just a seasonal drink. They have something now that’s called carmel flan latte I think and I have been tempted by that bad boy every time I go to starbucks! I’m waiting for a cheat day to go back and get it.
5. Polka-dots or stripes? both? I tend to gravitate towards stripes more often, but I do love a good dot.
6. Have you ever seen Downton Abbey? If not, why?! I have not! Maybe I should start?? I’m a sucker for a good TV series, but I typically like comedy. Somehow Downton Abbey doesn’t seem like it will make me laugh.
7. What is your favorite broadway show? I’ve only seen Wicked and then I saw Hairspray at a local theatre and they were both really good. I can’t wait to go to NYC again one day and see another show!
8. Where do you keep your paper towels? In a stand beside the sink. Do people keep them in other places?
9. Have you ever gone on a road trip? Where? To Florida for our honeymoon! It’s a good 10-12 hour trip and we had so much fun!
10. Is your hair your natural color? red/orange
11. Summer or winter? Summer! All day, every day. I cannot stand cold weather.


 Thanks for reading my answers! If you answer the questions on your blog put your link in a comment so I can come check them out!

Happy Thursday!!



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